New Brunswick

RCMP looking for leads into Sussex guns theft

The New Brunswick RCMP are looking for leads in the theft of at least 14 firearms in the Sussex area Thursday.

The New Brunswick RCMP are looking for leads in the theft of at least 14 firearms in the Sussex area Thursday.

Police are searching for suspects who broke into a home on Portage Vale Road and stole a green metal locker holding eight rifles. Also taken were three semi-automatic pistols and three revolvers, also in a locked box.

Cpl. Graham Milner said police are treating the theft seriously, though it appears to be an isolated case.

"I don't think it's a trend, I think it was a crime of opportunity and this person probably broke into this residence, maybe didn't know the guns were there, and saw the guns and took them," said Milner.

"I don't think it's something we have to be concerned of as far as a continuing trend, though I am concerned that these guns are now on the street."

Last month, a 28-year old Sussex man pleaded not guilty to charges of break, enter and theft of guns from a local fish and game store. Seven handguns were stolen from Sussex Outfitters.

The weapons have since been recovered and the man remains in custody.

Police don't believe the two thefts are linked.