New Brunswick

RCMP investigate 'financial irregularities' at lieutenant-governor's office

New Brunswick RCMP are investigating a complaint of “financial irregularities” at the lieutenant-governor’s office.

Complaint was received on Aug. 2, day of Jocelyne Roy Vienneau's death

RCMP investigating the lieutenant-governor's office have not laid any charges. (Government of New Brunswick)

New Brunswick RCMP are investigating a complaint of "financial irregularities" at the lieutenant-governor's office.

Sgt. Mario Maillet, a spokesperson for the RCMP, said the force received the complaint on Aug. 2, the same day Lt.-Gov. Jocelyne Roy Vienneau died.

Maillet said the RCMP could not provide any details about the investigation but noted no charges have been laid.

A spokesperson for the province refused to comment on the matter, saying any questions about the investigation should be directed to the RCMP.

Office funded by province, feds

The office of the lieutenant-governor is funded by the provincial and federal governments.

In the 2017-18 fiscal year, the last year numbers are available, the federal government paid $62,947 in expenses incurred by the lieutenant-governor "in the exercise of their official duties."

For that same year, the province listed the office as having a budget of $342,000.

While the provincial budget for the office is not broken down, the federal numbers are for travel and accommodation, hospitality, and operational and administrative expenses.

While the figures for these individual categories have varied from year to year, since 2010 they have always totalled $62,947.