New Brunswick

Pride flag raised at N.B. legislature during Olympics

The pride flag was raised at the New Brunswick legislature on Wednesday to support gay athletes competing in the Winter Olympics in Sochi.

Gesture to support gay athletes comes on day 6 of Winter Games

The gay pride flag is now flying at the New Brunswick legislature.

It was raised Wednesday morning to support gay and lesbian athletes competing at the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, where anti-gay laws are in effect.

Progressive Conservative cabinet minister Craig Leonard says it's unfortunate it took until the sixth day of the Olympics, but the important thing is it's done.

"Government does not move at the fastest pace, that's for sure, but I think what's important is that the flag is flying today in solidarity with the LGBT community, and certainly we as a government want to make sure that message is sent loud and clear that we appreciate the LGBT community in this province," Leonard said.

Several city halls in New Brunswick and several other provincial legislatures are also flying the rainbow-coloured flag.

In Russia, it's recently become illegal to publicly promote so-called gay propaganda, a law that many human rights advocates around the world have condemned.