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Pool plea for Moncton pooch Rosco a success

Eagles Pool Services in Moncton has offered to set up a pool in its store so a nine-month-old puppy with a rare genetic disorder can swim and build up muscle before undergoing surgery.

Eagles Pool Services offers to let 9-month-old puppy with rare genetic disorder swim in pool

A Moncton company has stepped up to help a pooch in need of a pool.

Rosco, a nine-month-old Newfoundland puppy, born with a rare genetic disorder, needs to swim to build up muscle before he undergoes hip replacement surgery.

Stacey Butler and Cory Bembridge are "deliriously happy" Eagles Pool Services has offered to let their dog Rosco use a swimming pool at the store to get the hydrotherapy he needs before hip replacement surgery. (Jessica Doria-Brown/CBC)
Last week, Stacey Butler and Cory Bembridge issued a plea online for use of a swimming pool to get Rosco the hydrotherapy he needs.

Butler says their post on Kijiji received almost 30,000 views in a matter of days and resulted in offers to help from across the country.

But Eagles Pool Services is going above and beyond, said Butler.

"Cory Eagles offered to build the pool and set it up in his shop" on Hunter Road, she said.

"He offered to make sure pool and shop was heated for us, so of course we didn't freeze during the winter, and he was even amazing enough to offer a key to his shop so we had access 24/7 so we could go on our own schedule and bring [Rosco] whenever we wanted to."

Butler says she is both shocked and "deliriously happy".

"Just couldn't believe that not only was someone willing to build him a pool, but go the extra mile and have it on their property, which, of course, is his business, to allow us to go into anytime we wanted to," she said.

Rosco has less than 10 per cent muscle mass in his hips, which makes it difficult for him to walk.

He has already had surgery on one side, but needs to build up muscle before the vet can proceed with the other.

So he needs to swim for about 15 minutes a day, several days a week, for the next month or so.

Butler is meeting with Eagles on Monday, to finalize the plans for using the pool.