New Brunswick

$1 and $2 bills stolen from coin shop in Moncton

Business owners are encouraged to contact police if a customer tries to use the older bills.
The stolen $1 and $2 bills were circulated in the mid to late 1980s. (Codiac RCMP)

Police are asking business owners in Moncton to be on the lookout for $1 and $2 bills. 

The warning comes after "a significant quantity" of the bills were stolen from an old and rare coins and currency shop on the city's Main Street, according to Codiac RCMP.

Police responded to an alarm at the business at 2:30 a.m. Saturday and discovered suspects had fled with a significant quantity of the currency which dates back to the mid to late 1980s.

Since then, police say they have received reports of the stolen bills being used within the city.

Business owners are warned to be wary of accepting old currency, and to contact police if a customer tries to use such bills.

"We're hoping [this warning] will stem the circulation of these stolen bills," said Codiac RCMP staff sergeant Jamie Melanson.

He said it's rare to see to see the bills in circulation today. 

"In fact it doesn't happen hardly at all that these currencies are exchanged, although they are still legal tender ... because they are more of a keepsake," said Melanson.

The $1 bill was taken out of circulation in 1989 after being replaced by the loonie in 1987 and the $2 bill was taken out of circulation in 1996 after the release of the toonie.

The investigation is still ongoing.

​"We haven't localized any suspects but I'm positive they'll be identified in the very near future,"  said Melanson.

Anyone with information about the theft or stolen bills are encouraged to contact Codiac RCMP or Crime Stoppers.