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'We hauled for 5 days': Town of Oromocto cleans up illegal dump site

The New Brunswick town says it’s completed the cleanup of a large illegal dump site at one of its public works yards.

Last month piles of tires, electronic waste, broken toilets, gas jugs were found on the town's property

Workers spent five days cleaning up an illegal dump. on Town of Oromocto property. (Shane Fowler/CBC)

The Town of Oromocto say it has finished cleaning up a large illegal dumping site at one of its public works yards. 

"We hauled for five days," said Steven Basque, an engineer with the town's public works department. 

A tip led CBC News to piles of household trash, as well as large appliances, tires, electronic waste, broken toilets, gas jugs and building materials.

Much of the waste had been bulldozed into the ground. 

Piles of tires, electronic waste, broken toilets and gas jugs were found on the Town of Oromocto’s property last month. Now, it’s been cleaned up. 0:26

Basque said multiple third-party contractors had access to the site. He suspects one of them didn't know what could be buried and what needed to be removed.

Once the dump site was discovered, cleaning it up became a priority. Over the last two weeks, the town worked to unearth the garbage, sort it and properly dispose of it. 

Soil hasn't been tested 

The town is taking steps to prevent illegal dumping on its property, including locking its gates and posting proper garbage disposal information. (Shane Fowler/CBC)

Basque said workers found more waste than he was expecting, but it's all been removed.

"We cleaned up everything, we dug everything," he said. "Everything has been cleaned up the way that it should have been done." 

Basque said the soil hasn't been tested for contaminants, but it's something the town is considering. 

Over the last two weeks, the town has dug up the garbage, sorted it and properly disposed of it.  (Shane Fowler/CBC)

The dump site was in a sensitive area, near the town's water tower and about 200 metres from the Gateway wetlands nature park. 

Basque said steps have been taken to ensure the illegal dumping doesn't happen again.

"Now there's a gate closed at all times," he said. "We've posted a sign to have no dumping and the address of the Fredericton Region Solid Waste Commission is on there."

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