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Group hopes to restore St. Andrews swimming hole

A non-profit group is hoping to restore Katy's Cove beach, a popular swimming area in St. Andrews that has been in decline.

Area residents seek to revive languishing Katy's Cove beach

Katy's Cove used to be a popular swimming spot in the area. (Submitted by Katy's Cove Inc.)

A non-profit group is planning to restore a popular St. Andrews swimming hole, left to languish in recent years, to its former glory.

Katy's Cove is one of the only places where it's warm enough to swim in St. Andrews, but the beach has fallen into disrepair after the town stopped maintaining it.

The beach was owned by the Algonquin Resort and managed by the town, but when the hotel was sold several years ago the town didn't allocate funding since it expected public access to be restricted.

The beach is open for public use, but has deteriorated over the past few years, said Paul Delaney, vice-president of Katy's Cove Inc.

Once-bustling Katy's Cove beach is often empty, despite being one of the only places in St. Andrews with water warm enough for swimming. (Algonquin Resort)

Delaney spoke about the group to St. Andrews town council last week.

The group has negotiated a long-term lease with the Algonquin hotel and is fundraising to restore the beach, with hopes to eventually expand accessibility.

Still, the group is hoping to partner with the town as well, since it doesn't have the resources to run day-to-day operations.

"The town did this for years so they have the expertise. They have liability insurance, they have a budget every year, where we can only raise money through fundraising," Delaney said.

The group is hoping to partner with the town as well, since it doesn't have the resources to run day-to-day operations. (Submitted by Katy's Cove Inc.)

He said while he didn't grow up in St. Andrews, he's heard lots of support for the project from people who knew Katy's Cove in it's heyday. 

Delaney is still waiting to hear what the town plans to do to help, but said he's hopeful and believes his presentation was well received.

"I wasn't booed off the stage."

Paul Delaney is the vice president of Katy's Cove Inc, a new non-profit group looking to restore it to its original glory. The group presented to St. Andrew's town council last week. 7:23