New Brunswick

No shuttle for Darlings Island residents if flooding occurs

The province told Darlings Island residents it won't provide a shuttle boat service this year if flooding cuts off the only road to the island.

Province tells residents to be prepared in case island is cut off during spring flood

The province has announced it will not provide a shuttle to residents of Darlings Island if the only road to the community floods this spring.

The road connecting Darlings Island to the mainland was flooded in 2008. ((submitted))
In past years, the province has provided a shuttle boat to get people to and from the island, near Saint John, when it gets cut off due to spring flooding.

But Brian Kenny, the minister of environment and local government, said the service is being discontinued due to safety concerns.             

"With the flood waters there could be some faster moving water," he said.

"There could be chunks of ice or debris that make it unsafe to transport anyone by boat."

The province sent flyers to residents on the island alerting them to the change.

Last year the government cancelled the shuttle, but after an out-cry from residents, it was reinstated.

There could be chunks of ice or debris that make it unsafe to transport anyone by boat.- Brian Kenny, minister of environment and local government

Kenny said emergency measures will be in place, and is asking residents to have supplies in place and be prepared for being stuck on the island.

"It’s up to the residents to make sure they have enough supplies…to be able to stay put."

If flooding occurs, Kenny said EMO will be on site to monitor the situation and make a call on whether the road should be open to traffic.

Early reports from the province's River Watch say the snow is melting slowly.

"There may be no problems," Kenny said.