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This man and his family actually keep their new year's resolutions

Philip Davis never makes a New Year's resolution he can't keep. His past resolutions have included performing and posting 100 songs on YouTube, rereading every book on his bookshelf and quitting eating after 8 pm.

Philip Davis wrote 100 letters to family and friends in 2018

Some of Philip Davis's past resolutions include performing and posting songs on YouTube and stopping his daily eating after 8 p.m. (Ed Hunter/CBC)

Philip Davis never makes a New Year's resolution he can't keep.

His past resolutions have included performing and posting 100 songs on YouTube, rereading every book on his bookshelf and not eating after 8 pm.

Last year, in 2018, he vowed to send 100 handwritten letters to family, friends, co-workers and inspiring community members. 

And he did. 

"There was moments when I was getting behind, so I'd just write a few extra letters and catch up," Davis said.

"A couple people have told me they've read them multiple times and a few people said the timing was perfect and I had no idea of knowing that they needed that but they did. So just knowing that I was part of that. I think it's my favourite New Year's resolution." 

Philip Davis said he plans to send happy anniversary cards to family and close friends for his 2019 resolution. (Ed Hunter/CBC)

He said his 100th letter of the year was to his dad, who was diagnosed with cancer in 2018. 

"I couldn't think of a better way to end the resolution with letter 100 because I wanted him to know that he was that important. 

"He didn't really say much, but I knew he'd read it and that was the important part."

New year, new resolution

Davis said his New Year's resolution for 2019 is writing happy wedding anniversary cards to his family and close friends. He expects this year's resolution will be easier than 100 letters.

"For years, I've almost felt a little guilty that I didn't know my family's own wedding anniversary," Daivs said.

"I think it's one of those things that we don't acknowledge or celebrate people's wedding anniversaries and it's a wonderful thing to celebrate. People have been married for years and years and we should lift them up and say, 'Way to go, we're proud of you and the marriage.'"

His wife, Krystyn Davis, succeed in her 2018 New Year's resolution too. She promised to make 18 quilts — and she had some unexpected challenges. She started homeschooling their oldest son in September and she wasn't expecting to be pregnant.

"I was crawling around on the floor pin-pasting these quilt [squares] together at nine months pregnant," Krystyn Davis said. 

"I put the binding on the last quilt in the afternoon and then I started counting contractions a few hours later."

Krystyn Davis made 18 quilts in 2018 for her New Year's resolution. (Ed Hunter/CBC)

Her resolution this year is to make a quilt for every bed in their house.

Their son, Malcolm, who resolved to be a less picky eater, succeeded too (and even discovered a love for brussels sprouts). 

"I think a week after New Year's last year he was already pushing the plate away," Philip Davis said. "I'd say, 'Hey, what about your commitment?' And he'd pull it back and try. So he accomplished his goal, he did try more foods than he would have otherwise."

This year, eight-year-old Malcom plans to build another Lego castle.

Keeping a New Year's resolution can be difficult, but it's hard to doubt the Davis family will succeed again.

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