New Brunswick

New online service links experts with entrepreneurs

A New Brunswick man is starting a new online service that will link budding business leaders with experts from across North America.

Dan Martell is launching in New Brunswick is being launched in Moncton on Friday. ((Dan Martell/Twitter))

A Moncton man is hoping to use his new online service to put budding entrepreneurs in touch with well-positioned business advisors from across North America.

Dan Martell’s new venture,, is fashioned after his so-called "speakers-for-seekers" business model.

Martell said the upstart business, which is being launched in New Brunswick, has more than 300 advisors from all over North America, including technology entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and internet marketers.

The web service will allow entrepreneurs to get advice directly from business stars for a fee.

"The inspiration just came from a need I had, where I was getting a lot of emails and calls from people that wanted to talk about business," he said.

"And I just felt like there could be a better way to offer that time and make it win-win."

The service lets people access a directory of advisors and their rates.

Martell said the advisors can choose to give their earnings from directly to charity.

History of success

Martell is not new to the world of online entrepreneurship.

Back in 2004, Martell used his life savings to launch a social media company in Moncton.

That project was successful and it led to a bigger venture in Silicon Valley, which is now allowing him to debut back in his hometown.

Martell said entrepreneurs often need to hear how other successful business people endured similar problems.

He said that idea is what spurred him to create

"The thing is, it's not only the secret, it's also the stories, and being able to relate and say, 'You know what: what you're going through is normal. And I faced it and here's how I got through it and here's some of the things that I did.' And just giving some really specific advice to kind of get over that challenge," he said.

Martell said the entrepreneurs often do not have overly complex questions that need answering.

"It's usually for those that just need point advice on a specific challenge that they're facing that day. And they get it and they can get off to running the business," he said.