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New Moncton-based software will help companies find employees

A Moncton entrepreneur is getting ready to launch a software program to help companies find employees.

Qimple will make it quick and simple, says co-founder Yves Boudreau

A Moncton entrepreneur is getting ready to launch a software program to help companies find employees.

Yves Boudreau says more and more businesses are finding it difficult to fill key positions.

CEO/co-founder Yves Boudreau, on left, product manager Aaron Lewis and CTO/co-founder Benoit Bourque are getting ready to launch Qimple, a software program that links job offers with job websites across North America. (Submitted)
​Qimple, will make it quick and simple, by linking up job offers with job seekers across North America, said Boudreau, who is CEO and co-founder of the company, also called Qimple.

Companies will be able to post job openings on all of the popular job websites, such as and workopolis, in just one application, said Boudreau.

"What we've been noticing is that companies need more and more to cast that net wider than ever before because the talent pool that's out there keeps diminishing, or moving away. So … traditional methods don't necessarily work as well as they used to," he said.

"So by a company to post not only to local job boards, but to job boards across Canada, you're increasing your chances."

Qimple is an intelligent job distribution platform with built-in applicant tracking features, said Boudreau.

Companies can use custom sliders to prioritize which job requirements are most important to them when hiring the right employee.

The software also offers a skills recommendation engine, and will help companies manage resumes as they come in  using a "CareerFit Engine" that ranks candidates using a compatibility score tool.

Boudreau says he came up with the idea for Qimple after working at Enterprise Greater Moncton and realizing the existing methods were too time consuming.

He would spend weeks preparing for job fairs in Toronto or western Canada by contacting Moncton companies to find out what kind of jobs they needed filled.

"We would collect thousands of resumes [at the job fairs] and then come back and try to filter [them] and give qualified resumes to the different companies that we represented," he said.

"So I asked if that was how they did it all the time. The people involved said, ‘If you have an idea, we're all ears.'"

Boudreau used his background in IT to create Qimple with co-founder and chief technology officer Benoit Bourque.

The program is currently in beta testing, being used by several companies in Halifax, Toronto and Montreal to work out any bugs\before being released, he said.