New Brunswick

New Miramichi charter flight service caters to commuting workers

A new charter flight service being launched in Miramichi plans to cater to New Brunswickers who work out of province.

SiteFlight Corp. expects to fly west, north and to Newfoundland and Labrador

A new charter flight service being launched in Miramichi plans to cater to New Brunswickers who work out of province.

Carolyn Tozer, the president of SiteFlight Corp., said the company is looking at offering flights to western Canada, up north and to Newfoundland and Labrador.

New Brunswickers who fly out of province for work will soon have access to charter flights from the Miramichi Airport. (CBC)
She said she expects to be able to announce more information about flights, planes and employees within a few weeks.

Brent McFarlane, who lives in Miramichi and works in Saskatoon at a potash mine, said he is excited about the new charter service.

He currently flies in and out of Moncton, making two round trips every month.

"I usually get my wife to drive me. And some days my daughter skips school to come with us because it's more convenient," he said.

"Or some nights, I travel down the night before and I stay over at my sister's place and get up in the morning and travel from her place to Moncton to the airport," he said.

McFarlane said being able to fly from the Miramichi Airport would cut his monthly commute from eight hours to just five minutes.

"It knocks off four hours of driving on the highway. Quite a bit more convenient," he said.

"I mean, I don't have to schedule times to fly at certain times, pull my wife away from her job in order to get me to Moncton, and bother people to look after my daughter if I'm flying in the afternoon or certain situations like that," he said.