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Province reveals where other 9 retail pot stores will be

The New Brunswick government has announced where the remaining CannabisNB stores will be located.

9 more locations are announced, in addition to 11 revealed in December

The province has now decided where it will sell pot but not the price. (Matthew Bingley/CBC)

The New Brunswick government has announced where the remaining CannabisNB stores will be located.

Nine more locations were announced Wednesday, in addition to the 11 stores announced in December.

In total, 20 sites will be open in 15 communities across New Brunswick by July 2018, when cannabis is expected to be legalized in Canada.

The nine stores were chosen through a tendering process that began in December.

The approved locations include:


  • Cordova Realty Ltd. — Woodside Lane.


  • Choice Properties Ltd. Partnership. — Marr Road.


  • Choice Properties Ltd. Partnership. — Victoria Road.


  • Castlemount Properties Inc. — Wright Street.


  • Choice Properties Ltd. Partnership. — Main Street.


  • JPR Estimating Services Ltd. — Allée de la Cooperative


  • PRO REIT Acquisition Inc. — 3528 Principale St.


  • Heron Enterprises Inc. — Tribe Road.


  • 045317 NB Inc. — 157 Water St.

The locations were approved based on population demographics, liquor sales transactions and traffic patterns, according to a government press release.

The government has said that online sales will also be available to ensure province-wide distribution and availability.

Current dealers need not apply 

NB Liquor is setting up the network of stand-alone stores. 

Its chief executive officer, Brian Harriman, said Wednesday that it plans to have CannabisNB employees hired by late April or early May. 

And he made it clear that anyone guilty of selling marijuana on the illegal market won't be considered for a job with the new Crown corporation. 

"Our goal is to have the illegal market shrink, and we certainly wouldn't want to be associated with having people working for us who have worked in the illegal market, though I know that's been previously suggested."

11 locations previously approved

The locations that were approved in December are: 

Greater Moncton

  • Choice Properties — 165 Main St.
  • Mapleton Holdings Inc. — 40 Wyse St.
  • Perfection Realty — 780 Dieppe Blvd.


  • Dalin Investments Inc. — 435 Brookside Dr.


  • Heron Enterprises Inc. — 16 Commerce Dr.

Greater Saint John

  • Loblaw Properties Ltd. — 168 Rothesay Ave.
  • Plazacorp Property Holdings —  87 Landsdowne Ave.


  • Choice Properties — 640 St. Peter Ave.


  • Plazacorp Properties Inc. — 2540 King George Hwy.


  • Plazacorp Properties Inc. — 138 Main St.

St. Stephen

  • Cordova Realty —  intersection of Route 3, Old Ridge Road and Route 1

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