New Brunswick

Heavy rainfall soaks much of New Brunswick

Heavy rainfall flooded several streets in Saint John on Friday and caused several motor vehicle collisions across New Brunswick

Environment Canada says most rain will end Friday evening

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      Heavy rainfall flooded several streets in Saint John on Friday and caused several motor vehicle collisions across New Brunswick.

      Police were urging motorists to postpone non-essential travel and to drive with caution.

      "Slow down when travelling in heavy rain," the RCMP posted on Twitter. "Water collects on the roadway and can result in hydroplaning."

      Environment Canada forecasted an end to the heavy rain over New Brunswick by Friday evening, becoming cloudy with a 30 per cent chance of showers. 

      The rainfall alert has ended but much of the province is recovering from Friday's deluge.

      The Saint John area was expected to receive a month's worth of rain due to a low pressure system tracking across the Maritimes, according to an Environment Canada meteorologist.

      Claude Côté said the brunt of the rain storm was expected to hit below a line extending from Miramichi to Fredericton.

      But Côté said southern parts of the province would see the heaviest rainfall.

      "I wouldn't be surprised if the greater Saint John, Sussex area may end up with almost a month's worth of precipitation within the next 24 hours," he said.

      "So we are talking rainfall amounts locally that could be around 90 mm of rain."

      RCMP suspect the heavy rain contributed to an accident on Highway 1 in the Rothesay area at about 8 a.m. when a transport truck rear-ended another westbound vehicle near the Campbell Drive exit. No one was injured.

      Another multi-vehicle accident involving a tractor trailer and at least two vehicles occurred on Highway 1 westbound near the Dolan Road Irving filling station shortly after 6 p.m., CBC's Connell Smith reported from the scene.

      Street closures

      The City of Saint John closed several streets due to flooding, but they were open again by evening.

      Heavy rainfall has led to flooding that has forced the closure of several streets in Saint John. (CBC)

      Northwestern New Brunswick is the only area that was not been hit with a rainfall warning.

      The Department of Public Safety issued a heavy rainfall advisory on Thursday, reminding New Brunswickers to be prepared in the event of an emergency or power outage.

      "Homeowners who have experienced flooding during heavy rain storms in the past through localized flooding should take all necessary precautions, including clearing leaves and debris from drains," the statement said.

      The statement said the weather was not expected to have an immediate effect on major river systems, but people living or working along streams, tributaries and small rivers were reminded to be on alert.


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