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Rothesay woman overwhelmed by response to call for surrogate

A single Facebook post has brought Brandy Williams and her husband Mike a little closer to their dream of having a family. 

Brandy Williams used a Facebook post to ask for a surrogate

Brandy and Mike Williams and their dog, Cooper. (Submitted by Brandy Williams)

A single Facebook post has brought Brandy Williams and her husband Mike a little closer to their dream of having a family. 

After several miscarriages, the Rothesay woman has made an open call online for a gestational surrogate in the region.

Now with nearly 700 shares on the post, Williams says the response has been overwhelming.

"I have been pretty open with my recurrent losses -- the miscarriages that I've had," she said. "I've been pretty open with the public about something that isn't easy to do. But I've had a lot of people reach out to me, thanking me and telling me how much that's helped them."

Hoping for surrogate in region

And women are coming forward to help.

"I'm going to be meeting somebody on FaceTime that I know through a mutual friend who has looked into doing surrogacy before and is entertaining that idea with us," she said.

Williams said she and her husband, who have been trying for eight years to have a child, want to find someone nearby, as travelling elsewhere during the pandemic isn't easy. 

"And for something new that we've never done before, it would be ideal. Because that might obviously make it a little bit easier if our surrogate was in Atlantic Canada."

It would also allow them to help throughout the pregnancy, since Canadian law prohibits women from being paid for surrogacy.

Experience can cost $100,000

In her post Williams made it clear she would cover any expenses a surrogate would have.

"Every surrogacy, every journey is different and every woman's needs are different," said Nathan Chan, the founder and director of Proud Fertility, a national surrogacy consultancy.

"So therefore, you need to make sure that the surrogate is protected. And that's what I think is a very important key aspect when people kind of decide to do independent journeys on their own. 

To me, it's pretty overwhelming in a great way.- Brandy Williams

Chan said it can be tricky to navigate the process independently and he tells his clients to budget about $100,000, which would go to such things as IVF treatment and the expenses incurred by the surrogate. 

Williams said she hasn't ruled out going to an agency as well, but wanted to put the call out more broadly. And the response has been an unforgettable one.

"It restores my faith in humanity a little bit to see the overwhelming response and the people willing to help. I've had people helping me with, you know, appointments and getting everything lined up, who are stepping up and willing to help us, complete strangers reaching out. To me, it's pretty overwhelming in a great way."


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