New Brunswick

The one chart you need to see about the New Brunswick flood

Affected by flooding? See what the forecast is for your community.

Affected by flooding? See what the forecast is for your community

Members of the Oromocto Fire Department and Fisheries and Oceans check homes flooded by the St. John River. (Shane Fowler/CBC)

It's already considered to be some of the worst flooding in New Brunswick history, but emergency officials say the disaster isn't over. 

Water levels in communities along the lower basin of the St. John River are expected to remain above flood stage until at least next weekend, despite a projected gradual decrease in levels.

The Grand Lake region was devastated by relentless waves this past weekend and the flooding will continue. Water levels in the area are only expected to return to the 2008 high mark on Friday, according the province's River Watch forecast.

Here's how the flooding compares to 2008, one of the province's worst flood years. We've also included what residents can expect in the next five days:

Information provided by the provincial government. (Maria Burgos)