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Mr. Higgs goes to Government House

As the Progressive Conservatives and Liberals explore avenues to power, the focus has shifted to the third parties that hold the balance of power.

PC leader spent more than an hour in a meeting with lieutenant-governor

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The two third parties and their combined six seats hold the balance of power, but it isn't clear what, if any, formal agreements they will strike in the formation of a new government.

The Green Party will be speaking with both the Liberals and Progressive Conservatives, but "tough negotiations" are on the horizon. As for the People's Alliance, some politicians and groups believe a deal with the party is a non-starter based on the Alliance's language policies.

Also, PC Leader Blaine Higgs met with the lieutenant-governor today as the Tories chart their course to power, and the CBC's Robert Jones brings you the curious story of how a paperwork error may have determined the outcome of a riding and even the overall election result.

Here's what we're talking about on Election Day + 3:

Top headlines

Progressive Conservative Leader Blaine Higgs arrives at Government House prior to his meeting with Lt.-Gov. Jocelyne Roy Vienneau in Fredericton on Thursday. (James West/Canadian Press)

  • PC Leader Blaine Higgs says he expects to govern eventually but won't cut deals
    • It was Blaine Higgs's turn to meet with the Lt.-Gov. Jocelyne Roy Vienneau on Tuesday. After a meeting that lasted more than an hour, the Tory Leader emerged to say he'll be asked to form a government if the Liberals lose a confidence vote. So, what path can Higgs take if he wants to govern? He discussed that Thursday.
Kris Austin said he finds it unfortunate so many voices are being raised against the People's Alliance in the wake of Monday's election. (CBC)

  • Kris Austin defends himself, as Acadian voices against People's Alliance multiply
    • The CBC's Gabrielle Fahmy writes, "Throughout the campaign, francophones have expressed shock and horror at what they perceived as their acquired rights up for debate for the first time in decades." With the People's Alliance holding three seats that could affect a confidence vote, politicians and members of the public are speaking out against the party, but leader Kris Austin says it's "fear-mongering."

Bathurst Mayor Paolo Fongemie and the president of the province's Acadian society, Robert Melanson, say any kind of co-operation with the People's Alliance is unacceptable. You can listen to their full interview below:

Bathurst Mayor Paolo Fongemie and the president of the province's Acadian society, Robert Melanson, say any kind of cooperation with the People's Alliance is unacceptable. 14:17
Adam Salesse spent thousands on his campaign, but a paperwork mix-up meant his name never went on the ballot. (Photo: Robert Jones/CBC)

David Coon enjoyed his victory in Fredericton South on election night.

You can listen to the Green leader discuss the situation at length in the interview below:

We try to find out what's going on between the Gallant Liberals and New Brunswick's Green Party. Green party leader David Coon says his focus is building a stable government. 11:20
Bob Rae was in Fredericton this week to deliver a lecture on human rights and populism. (CBC News)

Former NDP premier and Liberal leader Bob Rae said while minority coalition governments can work well when there is a clear shared agenda, the numbers in New Brunswick election are so close it's hard to tell if stability can be achieved. 0:15
A major Canadian credit-rating agency says a downgrade is coming unless the province can improve its economic outlook. (Daniel McHardie/CBC)

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