New Brunswick

Province wants to expand Sunday hunting

New Brunswickers may be able to hunt on more Sundays starting next fall.

Proposed legislation would also give deer hunters another day, minister says

A bill before the legislature would add one Sunday to the deer-hunting season and more Sundays to other hunting seasons. (CBC)

New Brunswickers may be able to hunt on more Sundays starting next fall.

The provincial government has introduced amendments to the Fish and Wildlife Act that would allow hunting on every Sunday after Thanksgiving to Dec. 31. 

"There was an overwhelming request to see us move to an expansion," said Mike Holland, minister of natural resources and energy development. 

For the past 10 years, hunting of everything in season has been allowed for three Sundays during deer season.

If this change is passed, hunting will be permitted on 11 or 12 Sundays, depending on the calendar year.

A wide variety of licences, such as grouse, waterfowl, rabbits and bear, are available during that time period.

Longer season

The change would also extend deer season by one day, so it ends on a Sunday.

Holland said he had spoken with a wide variety of groups in favour of the move, including the New Brunswick Wildlife Federation and many hunting, fishing and trapping groups.

"We're in a day and age now where … a lot of folks on a weekend would be working a Saturday."

Sunday hunting gives people another opportunity to enjoy the outdoors in a hunting setting, he said.

Mike Holland, the minister of natural resources, says the changes could get more people interested in outdoor pursuits like hunting. (Kirk Pennell/CBC)

The provincial government sells about 110,000 hunting and fishing licences a year.

"My hope is that we can potentially expand that number," said Holland, "and introduce a whole new group of people to our outdoor pursuits."

The changes still have to be approved by the legislature.


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