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New booze rules for Magnetic Hill deemed a success

Codiac Regional RCMP say new alcohol rules for Moncton's Magnetic Hill, tested Saturday during the Nickelback concert, were a success, but there will be some security changes for the Bruce Springsteen concert in August.

Some security changes planned for Springsteen concert

New alcohol rules for Moncton’s Magnetic Hill outdoor concert site were a success at Saturday night's Nickelback concert, according to the Codiac RCMP.

Still, there will be some security changes for the Bruce Springsteen concert in August, said the officer in charge, Cpl. Mike Gaudet.

"There's still going to be some tweaks that we're going to have to look at and change a few things that we've noticed," he told CBC News.

The Nickelback show marked the first time concert-goers were able to drink anywhere on the Magnetic Hill concert site.

Previous outdoor concerns have had fenced-in beer gardens.

Gaudet says police didn't see much difference in the number of people picked up for causing trouble.

"It was business as usual," he said.

"It was not an increase or a decrease. It kind of stayed the same. So to us, I don’t believe there was much of a difference for us to be able to pinpoint it to one way or the other."

Gaudet says about 20 people were arrested during the concert. That's about on average with a typical Friday or Saturday night in Moncton, he said.

Detention site planned for hill

The biggest change for the next concert may be a detention site at the hill for those they pick up, said Gaudet.

As it stands, an officer has to drive anyone arrested down to the police station.

Saturday’s thundershowers also reminded Gaudet of the need for more emergency exit signs and lights hooked up to generators in case he has to evacuate the site.

"You know if you keep it simple and put up emergency signage, access up at the top of the hill, I think that'll alleviate that problem," he said.

There will also be more signs to direct motorists around the concert site, Gaudet said.

Under the new alcohol rules, anyone over the age of 19 is given a bracelet to wear throughout the event and people are only allowed to purchase four drinks at a time to help ensure things don't get out of hand.

Anyone caught drinking underage, or extremely intoxicated, is removed from the concert site.

Security also make sure alcohol isn't passed on to minors.

Bruce Springsteen is scheduled to play Magnetic Hill on Aug. 26.