New Brunswick Votes Sept 24


Premier Blaine Higgs cabinet includes all 4 women in caucus, lone francophone

Blaine Higgs has become New Brunswick's 34th premier and has sworn in a cabinet that he says will get right to work solving the province's problems.

8 things you need to know about New Brunswick's next premier, Blaine Higgs

Blaine Higgs will be sworn in as the province’s new Progressive Conservative premier on Friday. Here are eight things you need to know about him.

Unfilled Speaker's chair could bring on another election — this fall

Forget about throne speeches, confidence votes and two-party deals. A looming standoff over who will be Speaker of the New Brunswick legislature could bring it all to a screeching halt.

PC leader wants 'faster than normal' transition if given the chance to govern

Progressive Conservative Leader Blaine Higgs hopes for a faster than normal transition if given the chance to govern because there are too many issues for New Brunswickers to be left without a legitimate government for too long.

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Recount confirms Mitton win in Memramcook-Tantramar

Megan Mitton's 11-vote victory for the Green Party over Liberal Bernard LeBlanc in Memramcook-Tantramar was confirmed by a judicial recount that finished Friday in Moncton.

Green Party gained most from financial incentive to run female candidates

Vote totals show New Brunswick's Green Party gained the most from a much publicized financial incentive created by the province to encourage women to run in last week's provincial election.

Former speaker weighs in on brewing stalemate in New Brunswick legislature

It’s an important and prestigious role and one required for the legislature to sit, but, according to a former speaker, it’s unlikely candidates from any party will be rushing to fill the seat.

Dialogue NB hopes to help 4 political parties find some cohesion

The 2018 election has created a divide in New Brunswick, and a non-profit group is hoping to play mediator.

Higgs says lieutenant-governor wants quick resolution on who will govern

The post-election manoeuvring continued Thursday as Progressive Conservative Leader Blaine Higgs began carving out a path to power after a meeting with New Brunswick’s lieutenant-governor.
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Mr. Higgs goes to Government House

As the Progressive Conservatives and Liberals explore avenues to power, the focus has shifted to the third parties that hold the balance of power.

Greens predict 'tough negotiations' with Liberals, PCs over governing partnership

Green Party Leader David Coon is predicting "tough negotiations" between his party and the Liberals and Progressive Conservatives as the political leaders continue to grapple with the province's minority government situation.

Downgrade in credit rating looms as uncertainty grips New Brunswick government

New Brunswick could be facing a credit rating reduction in the coming months if the provincial government fails to show a positive turnaround in its economic outlook, and the outcome of Monday's election hasn't helped its prospects.

Tight election may delay votes to fill vacant council seats

Shediac mayor and councillors in Sackville, Saint John and Moncton must resign before they are sworn in as MLAs after Monday's election.
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Election aftermath: When there are more questions than answers

In today's newsletter, we discuss the major questions following Monday's stunner of an election, the future of the NDP and Elections New Brunswick's thoughts on how it all went down.

PCs end almost 40 years of Liberal MLAs in one Saint John-area riding

History wasn't enough to save Liberal cabinet minister Rick Doucet from defeat in what had been a Liberal stronghold in southwestern New Brunswick.

People's Alliance avoids spotlight as Austin discusses strategy

The People's Alliance have gone quiet in order to regroup and figure out what to do with their newfound power after winning three seats in Monday's provincial election.

Chief electoral officer 'pleased' with election night experience

Chief electoral officer Kim Poffenroth says the New Brunswick election went smoothly in terms of tabulators, casting ballots and counting.
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Election debrief: After all that and we still don't know who's in charge

Thank heavens there's an election newsletter to help you sort through one wild night.



Liberals plagued by inefficient vote after racking up big wins in some N.B. ridings

The New Brunswick Liberals were punished for having an inefficient vote. They won the most votes in Monday's election, but they fell short in terms of seats compared to the Progressive Conservatives.

When it comes to cabinet, here's who won — and who lost

A handful of Liberal cabinet ministers went down in defeat Monday evening — but the bulk are headed back to legislature, whatever that might look like.

Higgs says he will seek to govern as party overcomes challenges

Progressive Conservative Leader Blaine Higgs says he intends to meet with the lieutenant-governor to form the next government.

Liberals hang on to most of north, but lose a minister

Riding results for northern New Brunswick, where the Liberals did well, though they lost a cabinet minister to the PCs.
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PCs claim victory as Liberals will try to govern New Brunswick

Recap the twists and turns of one wild election night as it happened, with results, insights and analysis.

Moncton region keeps Liberal, PC mix as Sackville goes Green

Eight incumbents were re-elected for PCs and Liberals around Moncton while the Green Party wins a seat in Memramcook-Tantramar.

New Brunswick voters send 11 female MLAs to legislature

New Brunswick now has 11 female MLAs out of the 49 ridings — a bump from last election four years ago.

People's Alliance does well in Miramichi as Greens pick up Kent seat

The People's Alliance unseats a Liberal cabinet minister in Miramichi and comes second in two more ridings.


Tory makes comeback, Liberal minister falls in western ridings

Riding results for western New Brunswick.