New Brunswick

NB Power rate increase of 1.63% approved by EUB

New Brunswickers will find themselves paying more for electricity starting on Friday.

Increase expected to take effect at same time as HST increase of 2%

NB Power had been approved for a rate increase of 1.63 per cent by the Energy and Utilities Board. (CBC)

New Brunswickers will find themselves paying more for electricity starting on Friday.

The Energy and Utilities Board approved a 1.63 per cent rate increase for NB Power on Monday.

The rate increase is expected to take effect Friday, pending EUB approval of NB Power's revised rate schedule.

Friday is also the day New Brunswick will see the harmonized sales tax increase to 15 per cent from its previous level of 13 per cent.

NB Power vice-president Darren Murphy says the utility intends to help customers deal with higher rates through energy efficiency efforts and other programs. (CBC)
NB Power said the 1.63 per cent increase will amount to an increase of less than $4 a month for the average New Brunswick family.

"We know any increase can be difficult for New Brunswick families, and we are committed to reducing the impact to our customers through energy efficiency programs," said Darren Murphy, NB Power's chief financial officer.

"Our plan includes rebates and investments in programs that can give customers more control of their monthly bills and help them stop paying for electricity they do not need."

The rate increase is the same for all of NB Power's customer classes.


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