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Moncton auction house sells rare teacup for $400 in online auction

A Moncton auction house is on the lookout for more rare teacups after one known as the Aynsley teacup was sold for $400 during an online auction. 

Jared Steeves says he's looking for more teacups like it

This Aynsley teacup sold for $400 in an online auction held by Key Auctions. (Shift New Brunswick/Twitter)

Do you have an Aynsley teacup in your cupboard? 

A Moncton auction house is on the lookout for more rare teacups after an Aynsley teacup sold for $400 during an online auction. 

Key Auctions owner Jared Steeves said it has four large cabbage roses painted inside the cup and on the saucer. The rim and handle of the teacup are gold rimmed. The saucer is as well. 

Aynsley China was a producer of English bone china in London. 

"At the 1920 mark they were miles ahead of most of the companies that came after them," Steeves said. 

"The quality was there, the patterns and just that extra detail." 

Steeves said they were surprised at the bidding for the teacup, which was auctioned on its own in a single lot. 

"The internet brought the world a lot closer. The winning bidder is from New York." 

Steeves said the buyer spotted it online during the week and followed it to the end. 

A first for business

While his company has sold thousands of teacups in the 15 years he's been in business, Steeves said this sale was a record for Key Auctions in the cup and saucer category.

After putting a post on the company's Facebook page asking for Aynsley, Royal Albert and Paragon cups and saucers with paintings inside the cup, many have posted pictures to see if what they have in their cupboards or china cabinets are of any value. 

"We've been busy," said Steeves of comments and pictures he's looked at over several days. "I think we have had some success." 

We hear all about a tea-cup that sold at auction this weekend for hundreds of dollars. Perhaps there's cash in your own cupboard? 7:00

Steeves said it takes a lot of work and a lot of calls to find the 'diamond in the rough', but he says they may have another one. 

"When you get a painted saucer and a painted interior of a cup, that puts you in the ten per cent above the rest already."  

From there he said check for the maker such as Aynsley and Royal Albert. 

"You've got some cups, feel free to send some pictures along." 

Steeves said everything is worth something and some are worth more than others.  Those exceptions can be found in every category. 

"Once in awhile you do find it." 

With files from Shift New Brunswick


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