New Brunswick

NB Liquor says new rule won’t impede 2 microbreweries

NB Liquor President and CEO Brian Harriman says Railcar Brewing Company and Grimross Brewers will not be impeded by new rule

NB Liquor CEO says Railcar Brewing Company and Grimross Brewers will not be hampered by new rule

The president of the NB Liquor says a new rule some brewers believe will kill start-ups in the province will not inhibit at least two businesses.

The rule, which came into effect this month, requires microbreweries to sell 10,000 litres of beer through NB Liquor in to obtain a Brewery Agency Stores​ (BAS) licence.

A BAS licence allows a brewer to sell beer on-site for consumption off-site.

Brian Harriman, the president and chief executive officer of NB Liquor, met with Railcar Brewing Company of Florenceville-Bristol and Grimross Brewers of Fredericton at NB Liquor's headquarters on Tuesday.

“We are going to work with them to ensure that they are not impeded at all in their start-up and that we can work with them to grow their business and grow the [craft beer] category here in New Brunswick,” said Harriman.

He says the new policy still stands and applies to all brewers, but that ANBL will continue to work with Railcar and Grimross to ensure their businesses, scheduled to open their brewery doors next month and in the fall, respectively, aren’t hampered.

Grimross Brewers's founder and owner walked out of his meeting with Harriman a happy man.

“I was given the assurance that I will be eligible to apply for a Brewery Agency Store and I’m confident based on what we’re doing today that we’ll be in good stead to be able to have that," said Stephen Dixon.