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Nova Scotia won't engage in beer war with New Brunswick

Nova Scotia's provincial liquor corporation is standing by its decision not to engage in a price war with New Brunswick over beer, according to a spokesperson.

NB Liquor says it sold 870,000 cases of beer exclusively from the corporation's summer promotion

NB Liquor's promotion had been set to run until Labour Day, but will now go until Thanksgiving. (CBC)

Nova Scotia's provincial liquor corporation is standing by its decision not to engage in a price war with New Brunswick over beer, according to a spokesperson.

The decision comes as NB Liquor announced it was keeping its cheap beer promotion until the fall amid strong sales.

The deal has attracted some Nova Scotian buyers to cross the New Brunswick border and take advantage of the promotion.

Denise Corra, a spokesperson for the Nova Scotia Liquor Corp., says New Brunswick's latest decision isn't going to tempt them into dropping their beer prices.

"I don't think it does change anything for us," said Corra. "We have no plans to follow suit."

Corra says they won't know the impact of NB Liquor's promotion on their sales until they get their numbers in October. 

'Sales have been going great'

Nova Scotia's provincial liquor corporation has no plans on getting into a price war with NB Liquor. (CBC)

Mark Barbour, the communications officer with NB Liquor, said on Tuesday "The sales have been going great" for the beer promotion.

The deal started on July 14 and offers four 15-can packs of beer for $74.99, which works out to $1.25 per can.

The brands in the promotion include, Alpine, Moose Light, Budweiser, Bud Light, Canadian and Coors Light.

Barbour says to date, they've sold 870,000 cases of beer, which translates to $15.2 million in sales exclusively off their promotion.

That success has prompted NB Liquor to extend the promotion to Oct. 9.

Barbour says there were no plans to make the promotion a permanent deal, but they will continue to assess it as the promotion continues. 

"Right now it's too early to tell what's going to be the end result," said Barbour.

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