New Brunswick

Road closures continue on Day 3 of St. John River floods

More roads have been closed in some areas of New Brunswick as water levels continue to rise on the St. John River.

Water levels expected to rise on southern part of St. John River

Road closures remain in place for many streets in Fredericton including St. Anne's Point Drive where many ventured to look at the flooding. (Philip Drost/CBC)

More roads have been closed in some areas of New Brunswick as water levels continue to rise on the St. John River. 

Ice jams on rivers in the northern part of the province have caused roads to be closed and homes to be evacuated. 

Water levels are remaining stable in Fredericton but New Brunswick Emergency Measures Organization says they are keeping a close watch on rising water levels in the southern part of the St. John River basin. 

The water level in Fredericton is 8.1 metres and city officials say they expect it stay at that level for most of the week. 

EMO also said people the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure anticipates it may close the road to Darlings Island at high tide today. 

All road closures are listed below. 


  • Lincoln Road at City Limits (Baker Brook)
  • Carleton Street at Queen Sreet
  • Water over road sign - Winslow Street
  • Water over road sign- Alexandra Street
  • Water over road sign-  University Ave
  • Shore Street
  • Riverside Drive at Gibson Street
  • Riverside Drive at Route 8
  • Sunbury Drive
  • Carleton Street
  • Brunswick Street.
  • Burpee Street
  • Cityview Avenue
  • Morrell Park
  • Riverside Drive
  • River Street under walking bridge
  • Devonshire Drive
  • Union Street at Gibson Street
  • Saint Anne Point Drive
  • Wilsey Road at Kimble Drive
  • Vanier Highway at Slip Lane to Lincoln
  • Forest Hill, Slip Lane to Lincoln
  • Waterloo Overpass
  • Lincoln Road at Waterloo Row
  • University Avenue at George Street
  • Church Street
  • King Street at Saint John Street
  • Lincoln Road at the Experimental Farm
  • York Street at Queen Street
  • Union Street off ramp 
  • Main Street off ramp
  • Smythe Street off ramp
  • Lincoln Road at Vanier Industrial
  • University Avenue at Charlotte Street
  • Burpee Street at Floral Street
  • Burpee Street at Hildebrand Street

If anyone is looking to park downtown, the city says Brunswick Street parking garage is closed but there is free parking in Frederick Square and paid parking at the East End garage. All riverfront parking lots remain closed. 

In an effort to ease traffic congestion, the city of Fredericton says people can ride free on Fredericton Transit from Saturday to Tuesday as it runs its usual routes, not currently affected by road closures.

NBEMO and city officials are reminding motorists to obey closure notices and to not drive around barricades or move them. 

District boundaries for New Brunswick from the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure. (GNB)

District 5

  • Route 690 Pond Stream Road to Douglas Harbour Road
  • Route 105 between Route 107 and Kinney Road
  • Route 101 Central Blissville, 280 meters north of the intersection with Branch Road
  • Route 105 with detour in both directions using Allison Road and Hunter Road then back on to Route 105
  • Route 105 Below Hartland, detour on Route 575 and Rideout Road
  • ​Route 105 from the Princess Margaret Bridge to McGowan's Corner
  • Mouth of Keswick, around civic 300.
  • Route 104 reduced to one lane for 3 km around civic address 300
  • Tweedside Road closed for 8.9 km from Route 3 Brockway
  • The Tripp Settlement Road in Keswick Ridge for 1.5 km from Route 105
  • Kenneth Road in Glassville from West Glassville Road to West Cross Road
  • Campbell Hill Road in Carlow from civic number 60 to West Glassville Road
  • Debec Road in Debec between civic numbers 454 and 485
  • Frasier Road in Brighton between Mainstream Road and Ashland Road

District 6

  • Route 105 Salmon River Bridge area between Lucy's Gulch and Cantello.
  • Labrie Road Between Rang 9,10 Road and Guimond Road, full closure for 2 km
  • Rang 3 Road from Myrlang to David Road, dirt road section
  • Route 105 2.4 kms north of Route 109
  • Route 380 closed 500 metres north of Lebel Road
  • Route 144 from Edmundston city limits to Riviere-Verte and between civic number 1785 and 1795 in Saint-Leonard-Parent
  • Nadeau Road in Baker Brook between Joseph Mornault Road and Grand-Reed Road 
  • Tinker Road in Tinker off of Route 130
  • Labrie Road in Saint-Quentin between Rang 9 and 10 roads and Guimond Road
  • Ed Theriault Road in Rivière-Verte 500 metres from Rivière Quisbis Road
  • Pleasant Street in Aroostook 100 metres from Berry Road.

District 2

  • Back Road in Lyttleton from Johnson Bridge to Mullin Stream Road.
  • South Barnaby Road in Barnaby one kilometre west of Route 126
  • Storeytown Road at Big Hole Brook
  • Priceville Road near the settlement

District 1

  • Des Buttes Road between Bertrand and Paquetville​
  • ​Mathilda Road in Middle River 150 metres from the Middle River Road
  • Mines Road from Route 430 to Nepisiquit Falls Road intersection
  • Boudreau Road between Saint-Léolin and Bertrand, reduce to one lane
  • Gloucester Junction Road Upper part of gravel section

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