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Cellphones, printers, TVs top items tossed at e-waste facility

The New Brunswick chapter of the Electronic Products Recycling Association is reminding people about the importance of recycling their e-waste.

Rather than put that old TV curbside, drop it off at one of the program's drop off centres

Over 60 drop-off centres are available across the province for getting rid of dusty, old electronics. The program was launched in New Brunswick in March and is expected to divert roughly 3,500 tonnes annually. (Getty Images)

The New Brunswick chapter of the Electronic Products Recycling Association is seeing a lot of people across the province take advantage of the free recycling service.

The not-for-profit, industry-led organization opened its New Brunswick chapter in March and diverts end-of-life electronics from landfills, with the goal of recycling them in an efficient and responsible manner.

New Brunswick program director Karen Ulmanis said the free service has worked wonderfully in its first seven months with now more than 60 drop-off centres across the province.

Instead of putting it curbside, you can go on our website, you enter your postal code and out pops a depot in your location.—Karen Ulmanis

"The response has been great, we're really pleased with how New Brunswickers have really come out," she said.

Most of what's been recycled so far includes old TVs, printers and phones, she said.

Computers, VCRs, DVD players, keyboards, mice, speakers, sound systems, headphones and much more can also be recycled.

"People have really been holding on to these for a long time because they really don't want them to go to a landfill," she added.

Recycle old TV 'instead of putting it curbside'

There are some items they can't take, such as microwaves and other small appliances. A full list of what you can recycle, and where the closest collection site is, is available on the group's website.

"Instead of putting it curbside, you can go on our website, you enter your postal code and out pops a depot in your location," she added.

"It is quite easy to recycle now, frankly, Most of us don't want electronics going into our landfills and they don't have to anymore."

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