New Brunswick

Tory makes comeback, Liberal minister falls in western ridings

Riding results for western New Brunswick.

Mixed results for Liberals and PCs along the west of the province.

The Liberals and Progressive Conservatives had a mixed night in ridings along the western edge of the province from the Quebec border south to the Bay of Fundy. 

A PC candidate seeking to make a political comeback overcame a Liberal cabinet minister and a Liberal took the seat previously held by PC Madeleine Dubé​.

As PCs claim victory, Liberals try to hold onto power. 1:40

Saint Croix

PC Greg Thompson, a former Conservative MP, defeated Liberal incumbent John Ames, the tourism minister. 

Thompson won with 3,249 votes to Ames's 2,436. Joyce Wright with the People's Alliance received 1,466 votes while Green Party candidate Donna Linton had 1,047 and Jan Underhill received 89 for the NDP.

There were 8,287 ballots cast in a riding with 12,050 eligible voters.

Madawaska Les Lacs-Edmundston

Liberal incumbent and cabinet minister Francine Landry won with 4,191 votes in this northwestern riding, where the PC candidate had hopes of a political comeback. 

PC Jeannot Volpe, a former cabinet minister who retired in 2010 and was critical of the David Alward Tories, got 1,826 votes. Denis Boulet with the Green Party had 945 votes and Cécile Richard-Hébert with the NDP had 156 votes.

There were 7,118 ballots cast in the riding, which has 11,466 eligible voters. 

Edmundston-Madawaska Centre

Liberal and former MP Jean-Claude D'Amours won handily with 4,668 votes in this riding previously held by PC Madeleine Dubé. 

PC Gérald Levesque received 1,437 votes, Green Party candidate Sophie Vaillancourt had 702 and ​NDP Anne-Marie Comeau had 206 votes.

There were 7,013 ballots cast in this riding with 11,266 eligible voters. 

Victoria-La Vallée

Liberal incumbent Chuck Chiasson won this riding with 3,570 votes.

PC Danny Soucy received 3,212 votes while Green Party candidate Paul Plourde had 468 votes and ​NDP Lina Chiasson had 307.

There were 7,557 ballots cast in this riding with 11,379 eligible voters. 


Liberal incumbent cabinet minister Andrew Harvey won with 3,116 votes in this six-way race. 

PC Margaret Johnson received 2,872 votes, People's Alliance candidate Terry Leigh Sisson received 960, Green candidate Paula Shaw had 503, Margaret Geldart for the NDP received 114 and KISS party candidate Carter Edgar had 58 votes.

There were 7,623 ballots cast in the riding with 11,475 eligible voters. 


Voters elected PC incumbent Stewart Fairgrieve won with 2,982 votes.

Stewart Manuel for the People's Alliance came second with 2,026 votes, Green Party candidate Amy Anderson was third with 1,247, followed by Liberal Christy Culberson with 1,197 and Adam McAvoy for the NDP with 82.

There were 7,534 ballots cast in the riding, which has 11,331 eligible voters. 

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