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Moncton region keeps Liberal, PC mix as Sackville goes Green

Eight incumbents were re-elected for PCs and Liberals around Moncton while the Green Party wins a seat in Memramcook-Tantramar.

Riding results for ridings around Moncton

Election signs along Connaught Avenue, part of the Moncton Centre riding. (Kate Letterick/CBC News )

An ousted Liberal falls. A new seat for the Greens. 

Beyond that, it was a good night for incumbents with the Liberals and PCs in the region. 

Those are among some of the results in ridings around southeastern New Brunswick, including the Moncton and Sackville areas. 


Megan Mitton won a seat for the Greens in a riding the party hoped would flip from the Liberals. The Sackville town councillor unseated incumbent Liberal Bernard LeBlanc, receiving 3,148 votes to LeBlanc's 3,137. PC Etienne Gaudet received 1,518 while NDP candidate Hélène Boudreau received 410.

There were 8,213 ballots cast in this riding with 11,489 eligible voters. 

Moncton South

This central Moncton riding saw Liberal Cathy Rogers re-elected after a closely fought race between the high-profile Gallant cabinet minister and a Liberal-turned PC candidate Moira Murphy.

Rogers received 3,099 votes to Murphy's 2,090. Green candidate Laura Sanderson received 628, while People's Alliance candidate Marilyn Crossman-Riel received 466. NDP candidate Amy Johnson received 249 votes. 

There were 6,532 ballots were cast in the riding with 11,390 eligible voters. 

Moncton Centre

Liberal Rob McKee took this closely watched riding, viewed as test of personal versus party loyalty, with 2,698 votes. 

He was up against Independent candidate Chris Collins who received 1,200 votes, Claudette Boudreau-Turner with the PCs who received 982, Jean-Marie Nadeau with the Green Party, who had 771, Kevin McClure with the People's Alliance who received 309, and NDP candidate Jessica Caissie who received 229.

Collins was booted from the Liberal caucus in April after Gallant announced he had learned of harassment allegations against Collins, the Speaker of the legislature. An independent investigation determined the allegations were "founded in part," and Collins apologized though never specifically said what happened. 

After Collins announced he wouldn't run for the Liberals, McKee — a Moncton city councillor — secured the nomination. 

There were 6,189 ballots cast in the riding with 10,389 eligible voters. 

Shediac Bay-Dieppe

Liberal Leader Brian Gallant easily secured his own seat with 6,162 votes against PC candidate Paulin Blaise Ngweth, who had 1,353 votes. Green Party candidate Michel Albert had 906 while NDP candidate Michel Boudreau had 764 votes. 

There were 9,185 votes cast in this riding that has 13,302 eligible voters. 

Moncton Southwest

PC incumbent Sherry Wilson was re-elected with 2,920 votes to 2,667 votes for Liberal Susy Campos.

Sarah Colwell with the Green Party received 907 votes, while NDP candidate Hailey Duffy received 503. 

The riding has 12,079 eligible voters. There were 6,997 ballots cast. 

Moncton Northwest

PC incumbent Ernie Steeves was re-elected with 3,186 votes to 2,963 for Liberal Courtney Pringle-Carver. 

People's Alliance candidate Myrna Geldart received 875 votes, while Green Party candidate Keagan Slupsky had 437 and Cyprien Okana for the NDP received 297. 

There were 7,758 ballots cast in this riding with 12,263 eligible voters. 

Moncton East

Liberal incumbent Monique LeBlanc won with 3,626 votes. 

PC Marty Kingston received 2,771 votes, Green Party candidate Matthew Ian Clark received 925 votes and NDP candidate Anthony Crandall received 424.

There were 7,746 ballots cast in this riding with 12,409 eligible voters. 


This three-way race saw Liberal incumbent and cabinet minister Roger Melanson handily win with 5,173 votes. 

He defeated NDP candidate Joyce Richardson, who received 1,057 votes, and PC Pierre Brine who had 998 votes.

There were 7,228 ballots cast in this riding with 11,072 eligible voters. 


This reliably Liberal riding that includes Shediac and Parlee Beach elected former Shediac mayor and Liberal Jacques LeBlanc​ with 5,919 votes.

PC Marcel Doiron received 2,081 votes, while Greta Doucet with the Green Party had 888 and NDP candidate Lise Potvin had 428.

There were 9,316 ballots cast in this riding with 12,878 eligible voters. 


Voters in this PC-stronghold sent Tory Bruce Fitch​ back to office.

He received 3,701 votes to the 2,053 votes for Liberal Brent Mazerolle, 1,005 for Heather Collins with the People's Alliance, 542 for Stephanie Coburn with the Green Party and 249 for NDP candidate Madison Duffy.

Of 11,623 eligible voters, 7,550 ballots were cast. 


Voters elected Mike Holland with the PCs in this southern riding with 3,479 votes to Liberal Catherine Black's 1,775 votes. 

People's Alliance candidate Sharon Buchanan received 1,546 votes, while Moranda van Geest for the Greens received 870 votes. Betty Weir for the NDP received 375 votes and Independent candidate James Wilson received 87 votes. 

There were 8,132 ballots cast in the riding that has 12,517 eligible voters. 

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