New Brunswick

Liberals hang on to most of north, but lose a minister

Riding results for northern New Brunswick, where the Liberals did well, though they lost a cabinet minister to the PCs.

Liberal cabinet minister Wilfred Roussel defeated in Shippagan-Lameque-Miscou

Robert Gauvin won in Lameque-Shippagan-Miscou for the Progressive Conservatives, unseating a Liberal cabinet minister Wilfred Roussel. (Jacques Poitras/CBC)

The Liberals had a strong night in the north of the province, though they lost a cabinet minister to star Progressive Conservative candidate Robert Gauvin.


Robert Gauvin, whose father Jean was a Tory fisheries minister, won the riding for the PCs with 4,048 votes, unseating Liberal incumbent Wilfred Roussel, the agriculture minister. 

Roussel had 3,949 votes while Albert Rousselle for the NDP had 578 and Independent candidate Philippe Tisseuil had 178. 

There were 8,753 ballots cast in this riding that had 11,013 eligible voters. 


Liberal Keith Chiasson won with 4,320 votes. 

PC Claude Landry had 2,390, NDP candidate Francis Duguay had 1,213, Green Party candidate Nancy Benoit 390, and Independent candidate Stéphane Richardson 544.

There were 8,857 ballots cast in the riding that has 11,926 eligible voters. 


Liberal Isabelle Thériault won with 5,420 votes. 

PC Kevin Haché had 1,827, NDP candidate Katy Casavant 548, Yvon Durelle for the Green Party 330 and Independent candidate Guilmond Hébert 330

There were 8,498 ballots cast in this riding with 11,000 eligible voters. 

Bathurst West-Beresford

Liberal incumbent and Education Minister Brian Kenny won with 4,351 votes. 

PC Yvon Landry had 1,082 votes, while Mike Rau for the Green Party had 503, NDP candidate Anne-Renée Thomas had 443 and KISS candidate James Risdon had 64.

There were 6,443 ballots cast in the riding with 10,878 eligible voters. 

Bathurst East-Nepisiguit-Saint-Isidore

Liberal incumbent and cabinet minister Denis Landry won with 3,550 votes. 

Jean Maurice Landry for the NDP had 2,026, while PC Michelle Branch had 858 votes and Robert Kryszko for the Green Party had 421.

There were 6,855 ballots cast in this riding with 10,773 eligible voters.

Restigouche West

Labour Minister Gilles LePage was re-elected with 4,233 votes. 

Charles Thériault for the Green Party was next with 2,540, followed by PC David Moreau with 961, New Democrat Beverly Mann with 263, and KISS candidate Travis Pollock with 64. 


Liberal incumbent Daniel Guitard handily won with 4,430 votes.

Mario Comeau for the Green Party received 831 votes while PC Charles Stewart had 826 votes and Paul Tremblay for the NDP with 621 votes.

There were 6,708 ballots cast in this riding with 11,128 eligible voters. 


Liberal Guy Arseneault won with 3,720 votes. 

PC Diane Cyr had 1,761 votes, Thérèse Tremblay 721 votes for the NDP, Annie Thériault with 637 votes for the Green Party and People's Alliance candidate Robert Boudreau with 558.

There were 7,397 ballots cast in this riding with 11,078 eligible voters. 

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