New Brunswick

Nackawic fire chief says all department gear is damaged

Fire Chief William Hopkins says he’s working toward replacing everything that was lost in a fire Monday.

Man accused of causing fire to appear in court Thursday afternoon

The Nackawic Fire Department is operational again, thanks to donations from other area fire departments and a new temporary fire hall location.

Nackawic Fire Chief William Hopkins stands next to a damaged Nackawic Fire Department truck. (CBC)
Fire Chief William Hopkins says he’s working towards replacing everything that was lost in a fire on Monday.

“Everything had damage,” says Hopkins.

“A lot of our gear doesn’t look destroyed, but we’ve had people in who’ve looked at it and inspected it and it’s been compromised.”

Three trucks were damaged, after a civilian vehicle crashed into the town hall and fire department and ignited a fire.

Witnesses say the fire was burning at the town hall for about 90 minutes before it was extinguished. (Submitted by Matt McBride)
“We’re dealing with insurance, waiting on the adjusters and stuff to deal with our equipment, and get the go ahead to replace our stuff that was lost or damaged and then we’ll go from there.”

The fire hall is now temporarily located in a former Department of Natural Resources building.

“We've got some hoses donated, and bunker gear, by Kingsclear First Nation. We've had some vehicles loaned to us by Fredericton Fire Department, Millville Fire Department, Harvey Fire Department,” says Hopkins.

“Oromocto Fire Department gave us a rescue unit to use in the interim, until we get our equipment replaced.”

David McKinley, the assistant deputy fire chief in Fredericton, says Nackawic fire fighters were familiarized with the workings of a tanker truck on loan from Fredericton. (CBC News)
David McKinley, assistant deputy chief with the Fredericton Fire Department, says one of their members went to Nackawic with the loaner truck and helped familiarize the local crew with it. 

"We have donated one of our tankers on loan to them. We have five of them here, two spares, so we took one of our spares and loaned it to them until they get back on their feet," says McKinley. 

"The citizens of Nackawic will see a truck roll up with Fredericton Fire Department on the side of it for the next little while."

Hopkins says he and his crew have felt the support of the community and colleagues in firefighting.

“We’ve even had calls from as far away as Toronto and Halifax offering support. If we need gear, that they have gear there and they are more than willing to get it to us. So it’s been amazing support in the fire community.”

Edwin Samuel Bradley, 56, was charged on Tuesday with impaired driving and refusing to provide a breath sample in relation to the crash.

Bradley is scheduled to appear at a bail hearing in Woodstock on Thursday afternoon.