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Nackawic and Millville rule out building shared fire station

The town of Nackawic says the idea of one fire department shared between them and Millville is dead.

Logistics would make a shared facility too difficult

The Millville fire department and village hall was destroyed in an early morning fire. (Submitted by Evelyn Gregorz Shaw)

The town of Nackawic says the idea of one fire department shared between them and Millville is dead.

Both communities lost their stations in fires last year. Nackawic is going to rebuild and Millville is waiting on the province to find out when they can plan for a new station.

​​​Currently, the Millville Fire Department is using borrowed equipment and stationed at a Department of Transportation garage.

Extra gear gets crammed into vehicles or in a steel shipping container. 

The province wanted things put on hold to see if a combined station could be built to cover both communities. But both fire departments felt it wouldn't work.

The rough road between them and the extra distance would put too much pressure on the volunteers, the departments said.

Nackawic says the province confirmed last week that a combined station wasn't viable. So town council voted to have the insurance company rebuild its own town hall and fire station on the old site.

"The insurance company wanted a decision made. Now we had waited, I'm going to say April, before we even got the final figures from the insurance company, but they wanted a decision made. And really, it was time to make a decision," said Councillor Gail Farnsworth.

Plan for Millville?

Fire Chief Justin Mcguigan hopes to now hear what the province's plan is for Millville.

"It's been over a year since the station has burned and we haven't made any verifiable steps towards re-establishing our fire service, on a permanent level, in Millville. So it's really difficult for both our firefighters and for the residents that we serve," he said.

Nackawic is hoping to have the town offices restored before the snow falls. Millville's fire chief acknowledges it will be at least another winter of sharing space with highway sand trucks.


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