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Moving on: Life slowly getting back to normal in Fredericton

Life is slowly starting to get back to normal in Fredericton after the shootings of Aug. 10 that left four people dead.

Markers of memorials removed as Police Chief calls for healing process to begin

A makeshift memorial outside the police station in Fredericton has been taken down according to the Fredericton Police Force twitter page. (Andrew Vaughan/Canadian Press)

Life is slowly starting to get back to normal in Fredericton after the shootings of Aug. 10 that left four people dead.

The Fredericton Police Force announced on its twitter feed on Sunday morning that the makeshift memorial created in front of the station would be dismantled.  

"We will collect the flowers, gifts, cards and signs left in front of the police station. We will read and share all the messages with our employees," said the tweet.

The memorial developed organically within hours of the shooting and quickly became a gathering place for residents looking to pay respects to the slain officers and find companionship with others mourning their loss.

Fredericton's Police Chief Leanne Fitch posted a message to the Fredericton city website Sunday afternoon after delivering an emotional eulogy to the two fallen officers just 24 hours earlier.

"It is in some ways difficult to believe more than a week has passed since our city was shocked by violence few of us have ever had to live through," said Fitch.  

Constables Robb Costello, 45, and Sara Burns, 43, were killed when they answered a call about shots being fired on the north side of Fredericton on Aug. 10. (Submitted)

"Four of our citizens taken from us in seemingly a blink of an eye … families' and friends' lives changed forever and it just doesn't make sense."

Police arrested 48-year-old Matthew Vincent Raymond in relation to the shootings.

He has been charged with four counts of first degree murder.

Police have released no details about any possible motive for the shootings.

Civilian victims

Donald Robichaud and Bobbie Lee Wright were the two civilians killed in the shootings on Aug. 10.

Fitch also wrote about Donald Robichaud and Bobbie Lee Wright, the civilians who were killed in the shootings, and addressed their families directly. 

"I know you are hurting too," said Fitch.

"They should absolutely still be with us and it's not fair. I have seen the messages from residents of our community to be sure Donald and Bobbie aren't forgotten.  Let me assure you that they are not and you continue to be on our minds at this terrible time."

Fitch also spoke of the upcoming trial and warns "there will still be difficult moments as we move forward."

Fitch says no one will forget the events of that day, but it's time for the healing process to begin.

"We all have a duty to grow stronger, to protect our community, to make it safe for all," said Fitch.