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Moncton woman shares her atypical personal experience with COVID-19

A Moncton woman in her 30s says she is one of New Brunswick’s 33 known COVID-19 patients.

Ginette Blanchard says she had no fever or cough, but still tested positive after trip to Spain

Moncton's Ginette Blanchard, originally of Caraquet, says she tested positive for COVID-19 Tuesday, after returning from Spain. (Submitted by Ginette Blanchard)

A Moncton woman in her 30s says she is one of New Brunswick's 33 known COVID-19 patients.

Ginette Blanchard recently returned from an 11-day trip to Spain with her mother.

Blanchard told Radio-Canada's morning radio show La matinale that she started feeling dizzy after flying home last week.

Four days later, the dizziness continued, Blanchard said, and she also started to develop shortness of breath.

She called 811 on Sunday, but because she didn't have the typical COVID-19 cough and fever symptoms, Blanchard said her call was not given high priority.

She decided to hang up and rest and spoke to her doctor on Monday morning.

Blanchard's doctor didn't hesitate to order a test. 

A Moncton woman in her 30s says her first COVID-19 symptom was dizziness after flying home from Spain last week. (Marielle Guimond/Radio-Canada)

She went to a testing clinic on Monday afternoon and had her results on Tuesday.

"It was very, very fast," said Blanchard.

She was at the clinic for about five minutes, she said. The test was painful but quick.

Blanchard's mother was tested Wednesday and expects her results today.

"I'm pretty sure she'll be positive too," said Blanchard.

Her mother hasn't been feeling well either, but her symptoms are completely different.

"For her it's more a runny nose and a cough. So, it's really different from one person to another."

Blanchard said her mother is prone to sinus infections. She speculates that's maybe why the virus is affecting her in that way.

Blanchard said her own symptoms continue to be mild. She thinks she is on the tail end of the illness, but still has at least another week in isolation in a rented house.

Blanchard said she wanted to speak out and share her story because she doesn't think people in Canada are taking the threat of COVID-19 seriously enough.

"You can have it without symptoms and pass it on easily without knowing. It's very dangerous. … Especially for people who have vulnerabilities."

She echoed the advice of public health officials to stay home as much as possible.

With files from La matinale, Radio-Canada


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