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Moncton woman collecting holiday greetings for troops abroad

A Moncton woman put out a call on social media asking kids to send Christmas cards to military personnel serving overseas during the holidays. In just two weeks, she's collected 600.

'It's going to make so many men and women overseas feel some love from home'

Jody Lynn Phillips says these cards were made by the students at Queen Elizabeth School in Moncton. (Submitted by Jody Lynn Phillips )

Jody Lynn Phillips knows how important care packages and letters are for men and women serving in the military overseas during the holidays.

Phillips, who lives in Moncton, has a brother who is in the military and has served in Afghanistan.

"I just thought it would be a great idea if we could get Moncton schools and daycares on board to write letters to our military," Phillips said.

She put out a call on social media, and was overwhelmed by the response.

Jody Lynn Phillips says she was overwhelmed with the response, when she asked kids to send cards to military personnel serving overseas during the holidays. (Submitted by Jody Lynn Phillips )

"So far we've collected over 600 cards," she said. "I still have three schools that are making cards and a couple of daycares."

The cards are all handmade, and contain messages of support.

"Sorry you can't be home with your family, and I hope you have a good Christmas," says one greeting, decorated with drawings of balloons and presents.

"We thank you for all you do," says another surrounded by stickers.

Phillips says one little girl even enclosed her picture and a letter for the recipient.

Cards and greetings from students at Lewisville Middle School in Moncton are all ready to go. (Submitted by Jody Lynn Phillips )

"It's amazing just to look at the cards and see all the thought and compassion and the drawings the children have made. It's absolutely amazing," said Phillips.

"I know it's going to make so many men and women overseas feel some love from home."

Phillips is on a deadline. The cards need to be in Belleville, Ont., by Dec. 9, in order to be shipped overseas on time.

She's hoping to mail her contributions by Thursday.

Phillips says people can still contact her through social media if they're interested in sending a card along with her bundle.

Or people can send a holiday greeting directly to the Canadian Forces base in Belleville.

"You're literally going to change the life of somebody opening this letter that is away from their family, away from home, away from Canada. It's just going to provide them with some warmth and support and love from home when they might need it the most." she said.


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