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Moncton holds workshop on transgender realities

Reid Lodge says he’s been struggling with restrictive policies ever since he came out as a transgender person five years ago.

Workshop is inviting speakers to discuss the realities, challenges facing transgender people in the city

Reid Lodge will be a speaker at a workshop on challenges facing transgender people. He said he’s been struggling with restrictive policies ever since he came out as a transgender person five years ago.

Reid Lodge says he's been struggling with restrictive policies ever since he came out as a transgender person five years ago.

The 25-year-old activist from Fredericton is still trying to get gender reassignment surgery and officially change the gender markers on his identification.

"Accessing surgeries I haven't been able to do that because I can't afford it. Accessing legal gender marker change I still can't do because of policies that are restricting me on that," said Lodge.

"I mean there are still things that I would like to do in my transition but I can't access because the policies of New Brunswick are too restrictive."

Lodge will be sharing his personal experience with the health and legal systems at a public education session on Thursday in Moncton.

Several transgender rights advocates met with Health Minister Victor Boudreau in December to discuss a transgender healthcare model.

A Facebook post by TransAction NB published after the meeting said the proposed model would bring New Brunswick in line with levels of coverage offered in most other provinces.

It also said that no province in Canada has an ideal coverage model when it comes to trans-inclusive care.

Workshop geared to employers, organizations

The workshop, hosted by the City of Moncton on Thursday, is geared towards employers and organizations that might be working with trans clients.

It's organized by the city's public safety advisory committee in collaboration with River of Pride Moncton, a non-profit advocacy group for the LGBTQ community in the greater Moncton area.

The sessions will address what it's like to come out as a transgender person and issues such as integration into the workforce, dating, legal points and access to specific transgender health care.

The other speakers include Michelle Leard, creator and chair of UBU Atlantic, a transgender support community and one of the creators of the New Brunswick Trans Health Network, along with Dr. Adrian Edgar, president of the Canadian Professional Association for Transgender Health.

The event is open to public and takes at the Peace Centre.


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