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PCs turn Moncton area even bluer with the addition of two seats

Find out what's happened in these Moncton-area ridings: Dieppe, Moncton East, Moncton Centre, Moncton South, Moncton Northwest, Moncton Southwest, Riverview, and Albert. 

A look at some of the winners and losers in Moncton-area ridings

The Liberals lost two seats to the PCs in the Moncton area, including here in Moncton South. (Shane Magee/CBC)

The Moncton area became a little more blue last night with two Liberal-held seats going to Progressive Conservatives.

Only two of the eight Moncton-area ridings were won by the Liberals in an election that gave the PCs their only francophone member-elect. 

Moncton Centre 

Liberal Rob McKee managed to hold onto his seat with 38.9 per cent of the vote over Carole Chan of the Green Party. 

McKee won 2,448 votes to Chan's 1,725. PC candidate Jean Poirier received 1,642, while People's Alliance candidate Aaron Richter had 308, and NDP candidate James Caldwell had 168. 


Liberal Roger Melanson also managed to hold onto his seat, with 4,564 votes, while his nearest rival, PC candidate Patricia Arsenault received 1,680. Mélyssa Boudreau of the Green Party had 1,680, and Pamela Boudreau of the NDP, garnered 200. 

Moncton East

With his win, Daniel Allain becomes the only francophone elected to the PC government. Allain won a decisive victory over Liberal Monique LeBlanc, with 3,525 to her 2,759, with 10 of 11 polls reporting.

Phylomène Zangio of the Green Party finished in third place with 989, while Michel Norman Guitare of the People's Alliance received 378, and Christopher Wanamaker of the NDP received 153. 

Moncton South

Greg Turner helped turn this previously Liberal seat PC with his win over Liberal candidate Tyson Milner. With 11 of 12 polls reporting, Turner received 2,400 to Milner's 1,733. 

Josephine Watson of the Green Party finished with 1,081 votes, People's Alliance candidate Marilyn Crossman-Riel got 284 votes, and the NDP's Rebecca Rogers got 191.

Moncton Northwest

PC candidate Ernie Steeves won more than half the votes, with 4,111, while his nearest competitor, Liberal Mark Black, earned 2,448, with nine of 10 polls reporting. 

The Green Party's Laura Sanderson had 702 votes, the People's Alliance candidate Shawn Soucoup 493 and the NDP's Cyprien Okana 229. 

Moncton Southwest

PC candidate Sherry Wilson also earned more than half the votes in her riding, finishing with 3,679. Liberal René Ephestion was next with 1,561. 

Claire Kelly of the Green Party finished in third place with 927 votes, followed by Susan Matthews of the People's Alliance with 667 and Juliana McIntosh of the NDP with 224. 


This perennial PC stronghold again went to Bruce Fitch, who won handily with 60 per cent of the vote. Fitch finished with 4,695 votes. 

In a distant second was Liberal Heath Johnson with 1,281 votes, followed by Rachel Pletz of the Green Party with 800 votes, Troy Berteit of the People's Alliance with 778 votes, and John Nuttall of the NDP with 261. 


PC incumbent Mike Holland also won his seat by a huge margin. He received 5,040 votes — or 62.3 per cent of the votes — over Green Party candidate Jenny O'Neill, who received 1,056 votes or 13.1 per cent of the votes, with 21 of 23 polls reporting. 

Sharon Buchanan of the People's Alliance received 977 votes, while Liberal Kelley Nagle earned 921. Independent candidate James Wilson received 90 votes.

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