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Moncton residents take back neighbourhood after RCMP shooting

Dozens of residents from Moncton's north end met Saturday morning to reclaim their neighbourhood.

Neighbourhood holds street party, walk to say 'Thank you' to RCMP

Hundreds of residents in Moncton met Saturday to take back their neighbourhood. 0:14

Dozens of residents from Moncton's north end met Saturday morning to reclaim their neighbourhood.

Many wore red during a walk around the Moncton neighbourhood that was locked-down during (Marc Genuist/CBC)

About 200 walked through the neighbourhood to say “thank you” to the RCMP for what they did to keep the area safe.

They were among the thousands who were under a lockdown order three weeks ago after a gunman shot five RCMP officers, killing three.

Many wore red as they listened to music and chatted with RCMP officers who showed up Saturday

Gaby Lyness is one of the 13 organizers of the event.

“Everybody is still talking about it,” he said.

He says it was part community barbecue and part walk through the neighbourhood.

“Just to get the community out of the house. One of the things was open your doors, come back outside. It's unfortunate that an event like that took place to bring people together but at the same time what better way to commemorate what happened and the efforts from the RCMP and all the first responders,” he said.

Lyness says it's also a chance to meet new neighbours and make new friends in Moncton north.

Brian Butler is a retired RCMP officer who also lives in the neighbourhood.

He's glad to see so many people show up.

“It's awful that it has to be a situation like this to bring us to together but we're together and it's great to see the community like this,” he said.

The organizers say they want to make sure the lives of the three officers who died are never forgotten. They want the community to become stronger because of their sacrifice.


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