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Moncton residents escape from downtown fire

Three Moncton residents escaped from an early morning fire at a house on John Street.
Three Moncton residents escaped from a Friday morning fire. (Kate Letterick/CBC) (Kate Letterick/CBC)

Three Moncton residents escaped from an early morning fire at a house on John Street.

The man who lived on the on the second floor apartment with his dog got up to use the washroom and smelled smoke at around 5:45 a.m.

He alerted his downstairs neighbours, a woman and her son, and everyone escaped safely.

Red Cross are taking care of the three people and the dog.

Fire officials say it is still under investigation at this point.

Bill Banks, the assistant deputy chief with the Moncton Fire Department, said firefighters spent a lot of time chopping into the roof.

"The gentleman on the second floor is the only one who has access to the attic and he hasn't been in the attic for like two and a half weeks he told us so it shouldn't be too hard to investigate," Banks said.

Friday’s fire is the latest in a string of fires in the city.

Last week, there was a fire in a home on Highfield Street and a major fire at a multi-unit building on Joyce Avenue.

"There is no common element between all of the fires," said Fire Chief Eric Arsenault.

Arsenault said it’s a good reminder for people to be careful.

He also said it happens to be fire prevention week and this latest blaze is a reminder how suddenly a fire can get out of control.

"These fires here in Moncton are a reminder of how dangerous and devastating fire can be so hopefully people will heed the message you know, stay safe make sure you think safety all the time when it comes to working or cooking in the kitchen or heating your home."

Officials say the cause of Friday's fire is still under investigation.