New Brunswick

Moncton may not host summer concert

A spokesperson for the city of Moncton said there is no mega-concert planned for this summer at Magnetic Hill.

Spokesperson says it's possible city won't have a big show at Magnetic Hill

A spokesperson for the city of Moncton said there is no mega-concert planned for this summer at Magnetic Hill.

In the past, concerts have been announced between January and mid-April, but so far, Paul Thompson said there is nothing to announce for 2013.

"We're working constantly to try to do something in the city but it all depends," Thompson said. "There's a lot of factors, a lot of variables that factor into whether or not Moncton has a summer concert."

Karl Barter, who runs Frank's Music in Moncton, is one of many business owners in the city who are disappointed with that news.

He said big shows over the past eight years, such as the Rolling Stones, U2 and Bruce Springsteen, are huge draws for Moncton.

"There's an atmosphere the week before a big show, people that are coming from the [United] States or Quebec or Ontario," said Barter.

"I mean I've seen people come in here and it's just, there's a big buzz, it's a big party atmosphere."

Cole McLean is a concert fan and creator of the Atlantic Canada Rocks website which follows concert news and rumours on the east coast.

He said Magnetic Hill has seen so many great acts that it's becoming increasingly difficult for organizers to find new groups, especially in the classic rock genre.

"People on my website are kind of getting frustrated," McLean said. "They're really hoping to see a Moncton announcement and they're getting scared that there might not be another one."

McLean is holding out hope that a big concert will still be announced, but said one summer without a mega-event doesn't mean the end of big concerts for Moncton.

"In 2010, we have to remember, following the Bon Jovi and ACDC shows, was also a year we didn't see anybody here," McLean said.

"And then right after that we followed up immediately with U2 and then the Boss and Nickelback last year, so obviously it's possible that if we, for some reason, didn't see anything this year it couldn't definitely be back next year for sure."

Thompson suggested the Moncton Stadium, which can hold up to 20,000 fans, could host a smaller event.

McLean said there have been times that outdoor concerts haven't been announced until May, including a Metallica show in Halifax back in 2011.

That concert still managed to attract about 30,000 fans with just six weeks to sell tickets.