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Moncton man honours fallen RCMP officers with memorial bench

Moncton resident Stephane Lemay says he needed to do something to mark the events of June 4, 2014 and to honour the three RCMP officers who lost their lives.

Stephane Lemay told city council he believes Cst. Douglas Larche saved his life on June 4, 2014

Moncton resident Stephane Lemay says he needed to do something to mark the events of June 4, 2014.

That was the day that three RCMP officers were killed in his neighbourhood, and two others were wounded by lone shooter Justin Bourque.

Lemay told council on Monday night that he raised $2,350 to purchase a memorial bench for a north end park that will include a plaque with the names of Cst. Douglas Larche, Cst. Dave Ross and Cst. Fabrice Gevaudan.

He says on that day he was driving his motorcycle behind Larche in the Hildegard neighbourhood just before the shootings began.

"He [Larche] jumped from his car and forced me to turn around and as he pulled away, I heard the gunshots behind me that killed him. Had he not done what he did I would have driven directly into the line of fire. I feel that Officer Larche saved my life that day."

Lemay says a fundraiser was held in Knox Park, which is where he hopes the bench will find a permanent home.

"It just so happens that the city was planning to upgrade Knox Park this year and so over the past year I've been working with the Parks Department to integrate the memorial bench into park plans."

On Monday night Lemay officially donated the memorial bench and all of the installation costs to the City of Moncton.

Mayor George LeBlanc thanked Lemay on behalf of the people of Moncton, especially those in the north end.

"Very much appreciated... I thank you and congratulate you for the work that you've done."


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