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Moncton council won't sanction councillor for Facebook posts attacking activist

Moncton council voted Monday to not impose any sanctions against a councillor whose social media posts lashing out at an activist were found to violate the municipality's code of conduct.

Coun. Pierre Boudreau's apology accepted as sufficient

Moncton council opted not to impose sanctions against a fellow councillor whose social media posts triggered a code of conduct investigation.

A series of public Facebook posts by Coun. Pierre Boudreau in March triggered an investigation by law firm McInnes Cooper into whether Boudreau had violated the code. The posts attacked Hafsah Mohammad after she was critical of how politicians make decisions. 

"My dear, you are so of shit as to be dangerous!" Boudreau wrote in one post, telling her to seek counselling in another. 

Boudreau apologized on Facebook and in statements to media.

Results of the law firm's probe were discussed at a private council meeting April 12. The recommendation from that private meeting to take no further action was unanimously approved at Monday's public meeting.

"While this behaviour was not condoned by City Council, in light of the personal apology to the complainant as well as a public apology that was issued by Councillor Boudreau, Moncton City Council considers this matter closed," the motion states. 

There was no public discussion of the motion Monday night.

Boudreau was taking part in Monday's meeting by video conference. However, he did not appear to be present during the vote.

Boudreau last month said in a statement that he knew the comments violated the code. It requires treating every person with dignity, understanding and respect to ensure the work environment is free from discrimination, bullying and harassment.

The violations of the code can result in council issuing a reprimand letter, council emanding a public apology, the councillor's  removal from committees, reduction or suspension of pay, and restrictions on access to city facilities or documents.

Boudreau isn't running for office again in the May 10 municipal election, though Mohammad is running for a councillor-at-large seat.


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