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Moncton flagger struck by SUV urges motorists to slow down

A 20-year-old road construction flagger who was hit by a speeding SUV last summer is urging motorists to slow down in construction zones. Ryan Labonte, of Moncton, who was injured last year when he was hit by a driver failed to stop at his sign, throwing Labonte almost five metres from where he was hit.

Road construction crews say many people drive above speed limit in roadwork zones

Ryan Labonte landed on his head after a speeding driver failed to make his stop and hit him at a construction site last September. (Ryan Labonte/Facebook)

A 20-year-old road construction flagger who was hit by a speeding SUV in September of 2015 is urging motorists to slow down in construction zones.

Ryan Labonte, of Moncton, was injured last year when he was hit by a driver who failed to stop at his sign, throwing Labonte almost five metres from where he was hit.

They get mad at us because we do our job.- Ryan Labonte , road construction flagger

Labonte suffered minor injuries and was able to go back to work shortly after the incident, but it has left him with some lingering problems.

"I do have issues with my back every now and then, [and] my hip every once in a while," said Labonte.

He says many people drive above the speed limit and fail to respect construction site flaggers and the signs telling motorists to slow down.

"We have a lot of drivers that get mad at us, because we hold out the traffic just so we can make sure everything goes smooth," he said.

"They get mad at us because we do our job."
Martin Vienneau says some drivers go so fast that it prevents him from going on the road and doing his job. (CBC)

Labonte is not alone in his frustration, as many of the road construction workers CBC News spoke to say something needs to be done about drivers who ignore the warnings to slow down.

Martin Vienneau, 29, has been a construction flagger for nine years and says it gets so bad that he sometimes refuses to do his job.

"A couple of times, I refuse to go on the road because ... I look first how the car was driving, and they were going way too fast, so I refused. No one could go on the road," said Vienneau, who's from Moncton.

There are fines for those who are caught breaking the rules of the road. The RCMP say the fines for speeding through construction zones can range between $340 and $1,200.