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Mobile fashion boutique rolls into Saint John

A Saint John entrepreneur is giving new meaning to the expression 'travelling in style' with a pink fashion boutique on wheels.

Entrepreneur Dominique Leger takes fashion from runway to highway

Mobile fashion

9 years ago
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Dominique Leger's new business is hitting the streets of Saint John as a travelling, pink fashion boutique.

A Saint John entrepreneur is giving new meaning to the expression "travelling in style" with a pink fashion boutique on wheels.

Dominique Leger, the owner of In Pursuit — A Mobile Boutique, said she went to school for retail marketing but never thought of owning her own store until she took a recent trip to Boston.

"There were a lot of food trucks, and there was this one little lonely white truck parked kind of at the back, a little far away. But there were ladies all in front of it," said Leger.

On Wednesday, In Pursuit - A Mobile Boutique parked on Water Street without any notice to customers, but the novelty drew many shoppers in. (CBC)

"I was a little bit curious but didn't have time to check it out, so immediately when I got home, I Googled it."

Leger had discovered The Fashion Truck, a popular mobile boutique, and applied to open a similar business last November. But no such permit existed in Saint John.

"It was a little bit of a delay process at the beginning to try to convince people that it really was a good idea and that it would work here," she said.

Once the city got on board, Leger found a used five metre GMC Workhorse and had it completely revamped — complete with a dressing room, and a fresh coat of bright pink paint.

In Pursuit owner, Dominique Leger, said her marketing strategy is to pick a location, park, then spread the word through social media. (CBC)

As a small business owner, Leger said she spends her money wisely by following an affordable marketing strategy. She picks a spot, parks, and then spreads the word through social media.

The novelty is already catching on, said Gillian Goldie, a new customer of In Pursuit.

"It's just something new and different," she said. "It's a first for Saint John. I think it's a first for a lot of places."

Leger plans to stock women's apparel and accessories as she continues to test the market. She said she may expand her business in the future.