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Board game highlighting Miramichi a hit for locals

Customized board games featuring some familiar landmarks from cities in New Brunswick are proving popular with those who've purchased and played the game.

Board game is so popular it sold out twice

Jodi Somers says she and her family had fun playing Miramichi-Opoly on Family Day, but she's still hoping to buy the game. (Submitted/Jodi Somers)

Customized board games featuring some familiar landmarks from cities in New Brunswick are proving popular.

Among them is Miramichi-Opoly, which has sold out at the local Walmart for a second time. 

But Dave Magna, the president of Outset Media Inc., the game's distributor, says more are on the way.

"We weren't surprised that it did sell out but we were surprised at how fast it sold out," he said.

Hearing more games are on the way is welcome news for Miramichi resident Jodi Somers. While her son, Trent Somers, was able to buy one in the first shipment, she missed out.

Jodi Somers said she was excited to see two of the businesses her family runs through Eastside Church on the board. They are Creative Grounds Café and the Vogue Theatre. 

"I ran to Walmart cause I just wanted to go buy a bunch and send them to all my family members and they were sold out," she said.

Sold out twice

They also missed out on buying one when the second shipment arrived. By the time they heard they were back in stock, they had all been sold before her husband, Victor, got there.

But the family had fun playing the game on Family Day. 

Trent Somers holds the Miramichi-Opoly game he was lucky to get in the first shipment sent to the store. (Submitted/Jodi Somers)

"It was super cool because we were trading and making deals. It was a lot of fun. And I won, I won the game. I was so excited." 

Somers said she loved seeing so many local places and things featured in the game. 

"Miramichiers love Miramichi, that's 100 per cent true, so it will be very popular." 

Rheal Fournier, who lives in Barryville, said he also played the game with his family. 

"My two daughters, Erica and Amy, found it interesting and [they were] reminiscing about all the places they used to frequent in their younger days," he said with a chuckle.

Games for other cities

Miramichi-Opoly is among the Opoly games developed for cities in the province, including Moncton and Saint John. 

"We wanted to have customized games for local communities and we decided to try five titles in the Maritimes, one of which was Moncton," Magna said. 

Outset Media has created Opoly games for Moncton and Saint John. Next on the board is Woodstock. (Submitted/Dave Magna)

Of the five, Moncton proved to be the best seller, with a shipment of 750 selling out before Christmas. Magna added 2,000 more were shipped and he believes it is still selling quite well. 

"We find in smaller communities these games do better than in larger communities." 

Content for the Opoly games is created by Outset Media and the game is manufactured by Late For The Sky, a U.S. company that holds the rights to the Opoly games.

"We're lucky one of our employees, Lauren (Collicutt) grew up in the Maritimes. So she's been creating all the content for all our games on the East Coast." 

Collicutt, originally from Dartmouth, said she did research when developing the content. But she said she had visited all three N.B. cities so she had an idea of what was there.

"I went with what I had experienced and then what I researched," she said, adding family and friends provided input as well. "It's just a lot of fun."

Woodstock is next on the list of Opoly games for New Brunswick.


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