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People's Alliance does well in Miramichi as Greens pick up Kent seat

The People's Alliance unseats a Liberal cabinet minister in Miramichi and comes second in two more ridings.

Results for the region around Miramichi and Kent, where the Green Party also picked up a seat

Kevin Arseneau won in Kent North, picking up the party's third seat in the legislature. (Tori Weldon/CBC)

The People's Alliance did well in the Miramichi region, unseating a Liberal cabinet minister in Miramichi and coming second in two more ridings. 

The Green Party won a seat in Kent North, a seat previously held by Liberal Bertrand LeBlanc, who announced he was not reoffering. 

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As PCs claim victory, Liberals try to hold onto power.

Kent North

Kevin Arseneau of the Green Party won the riding with 4,056 votes, securing the third seat for the party. He defeated Liberal Emery Comeau, who received 3,301 votes. 

PC Katie Robertson received 1,112 votes, while Independent candidate Roger Richard received 194 votes, and the NDP candidate Neil Gardner 171.

There were 8,834 ballots cast in the riding with 12,197 eligible voters. 


Michelle Conroy for the People's Alliance won with 3,788 votes, unseating Liberal incumbent and cabinet minister Bill Fraser.

Fraser received 2,825 votes. Peggy McLean with the PCs had 1,154 votes while Louann Savage for the Green Party had 189 votes and Douglas Mullin for the NDP received 110.

There were 8,066 ballots cast in this riding that had 10,950 eligible voters. 

Southwest Miramichi-Bay du Vin

PC incumbent Jake Stewart eked out a victory over People's Alliance candidate Art O'Donnell. 

Stewart received 2,960 votes to O'Donnell's 2,925.

Liberal Andy Hardy received 1,909 votes, while Byron Connors for the Green Party received 447, Roger Vautour with the NDP received 97 and KISS party candidate Dawson Brideau received 19 votes. 

There were 8,357 ballots cast in this riding that has 11,170 eligible voters. 

Miramichi Bay-Neguac

Liberal incumbent and cabinet minister Lisa Harris won with 3,512 votes. 

People's Alliance received 2,047 votes while PC candidate Debi Tozer had 1,741, NDP candidate Willie Robichaud had 718 and James (Junior) Denny for the Green Party had 349.

There were 8,367 ballots cast in this riding that had 11,760 eligible voters.

Kent South

In Kent South, voters handily re-elected incumbent Liberal Benoît Bourque, the health minister, with 5,595 votes.

Ricky Gautreau for the PCs received 1,848 votes, while Alain Rousselle for the Green Party received 1,304 and Serge Rémi Parent had 436 votes with the NDP.

There were 9,183 votes cast in the riding with 12,440 eligible voters. 

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