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The disappearance of Michelle Wedge: Case still unsolved 44 years later

Although it's been 44 years since since Michelle Wedge disappeared, the RCMP believe it's a case that can still be solved.

7-year-old Moncton girl disappeared near her home on July 2, 1975

Michelle Wedge disappeared from a Moncton street corner on July 2, 1975. (RCMP)

The grainy photo shows a laughing little girl with bangs sweeping across her forehead.

Seven-and-a-half-year-old Michelle Wedge had been riding her bike near her home on Moncton's Dominion Street.

It was a summer evening, July 2, 1975. A time when kids roamed much more freely than they do today, going home only when the streetlights came on.

The grey bicycle with its blue and cream-coloured seat were found at the corner of John and Dominion streets. The little girl was gone.

Someone, somewhere knows what happened. - RCMP Const. Isabelle Beaulieu

Although it's been 44 years since since she disappeared, the RCMP believe it's a case that can still be solved.

Const. Isabelle Beaulieu says the case is considered a missing person case, but "because we think that one or other persons may have been involved in her disappearance, we treat that as a criminal investigation."

While the information that led police to believe there was criminal activity involved in Wedge's disappearance can't be made public, the officer said they believe somebody was involved in what happened to her.

Michelle's bicycle was found on the southwest corner of John and Dominion street. She was last seen in the area on July 2, 1975. (RCMP)

Beaulieu said the last new information received in the case was seven years ago, and even though so much time has passed since the little girl disappeared, the case remains open.

She confirmed the information and tips last received were investigated and followed up on, but Wedge was not found and no one was arrested in connection with her disappearance. 

"The tip did not lead to anything that could lead to her discovery," said Beaulieu. 

No detail too small

While it can seem maudlin to mark tragic anniversaries like a young girl's disappearance, when a case is unresolved sometimes talking about it brings new information to light.  

"The investigations are never closed, but on an anniversary date we like to bring it out to the public again just in case, said Beaulieu. "We need tips and information from the public. We do believe someone, somewhere knows what happened." 

Police say Wedge was wearing a red and white T-shirt on that July night, blue shorts, blue socks and navy blue sandals. At the time she was four feet tall, with brown eyes and light brown hair.

"If someone somewhere thinks of something, please contact the RCMP or Crimestoppers."

Beaulieu said investigators want to solve the case, for the sake of everyone affected.

"We want to provide answers to the family and some closure. We also want to bring those responsible to justice."

With files from Information Morning Moncton