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Majority of New Brunswick bus riders complying with face mask requirement

After the first week of required face masks for transit users, the majority of New Brunswick's passengers are complying, transit officials in three cities say.

Fire ban lifted earlier this week, despite no rain in some places

Without a drop of rain for weeks in some areas of the province, residents are wondering how New Brunswick could have gone from a provincewide burn ban to wide open — in just 24 hours. 

'Tis the season for alien-like fish to spawn and die in N.B. fresh water

As if a worldwide pandemic and murder hornets weren't enough. How about a fish with a powerful suction cup of a mouth filled with circular rows of horn-shaped teeth and a tongue that burrows into the body of the host so it can feed at will?

COVID has sidelined 16-year-olds' dreams of driving

For thousands of just-turned-16-year-olds, COVID-19 has so far robbed them of an important rite of passage: getting a driver's licence.

Backyard pools, hot tubs selling like hotcakes

With New Brunswickers spending a lot more time at home, it's a good time to spruce up ol' the backyard. Add a heat wave and maybe you're considering a new pool.

Grand Manan mayor says unwelcoming message was misunderstood 

Despite an early morning message from the mayor of Grand Manan, the island is open for business.

Saint Andrews to close part of Water Street to help businesses

With restaurants forced to cut seating by half — and consumers not dining out like they used to — these are tough times for restaurants. 

Saint Andrews waives per-passenger fees for whale watchers

As whale-watching tours get ready to set sail with half the number of passengers aboard, Saint Andrews will reduce wharf fees to help offset the loss of revenue.

Sports slowly return in the COVID era, but with a whole new set of rules

Under mostly sunny skies on Monday, soccer returned to the pitch in New Brunswick. 

Majority of ships ignoring voluntary slowdown in Cabot Strait

Asking nicely didn't work, so an environmental group wants Transport Canada to force ships to slow down in the Cabot Strait. Oceana Canada said the majority of ships are ignoring the voluntary slowdown that was first announced in February. 

Man who helped change Saint John's landscape is mourned

For more than four decades, Pat Darrah was the face of development in Saint John.  Name a project in the Port City and Darrah was probably involved in its vision, development or construction, said longtime friend John Barry. 

Fears for right whales rise after Trump reopens area to commercial fishing

Environmental groups are condemning U.S. President Donald Trump's decision to allow commercial fishing in a previously closed area in the North Atlantic. 

Moose fencing doesn't mean you don't need to watch for moose, biologist warns

Drivers, don't let wildlife fencing fool you. You could hit a moose any time, anywhere in New Brunswick — even within sections protected by fences designed to keep large animals off the highway, warns a wildlife biologist. 

Moncton woman's medicare benefits arrive just days ahead of baby

With her second child on the way, the last thing Giselle Bertolacini thought she'd have to worry about was paying for her scheduled C-section. 

Province issues first heat alerts — three weeks after snowfall warnings

Less than three weeks after some New Brunswickers found themselves shovelling snow in mid-May, the province has issued the first heat alerts of the season.