New Brunswick

Metal objects found in potatoes in New Brunswick

Police are investigating after metal objects have been found in potatoes in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and P.E.I. this week.

Police investigating similar food-tampering incidents in Nova Scotia and P.E.I.

Police in New Brunswick are investigating two possible food-tampering incidents after reports of metal objects being found in potatoes in Tabusintac and the Nigadoo area this week.

Metal objects have also been found in potatoes in Nova Scotia and P.E.I.

This nail was found inside a potato bought in Antigonish. (Courtesy
No injuries have been reported in any of the incidents, police say.

On May 21, a Tabusintac resident reported discovering a nail in a potato on May 18, said RCMP Const. Jullie Rogers-Marsh.

The potato was in a bag purchased from the Tabusintac Co-op on May 13, she said.

RCMP have recovered the potato, nail and bag in question as part of the investigation, Rogers-Marsh said.

On May 19, the owner of the Petit-Rocher Inter Marché told the BNPP Regional Police Force that a customer had discovered a nail in a potato purchased from the store, said Rogers-Marsh.

"Anyone who finds any foreign metal objects in a potato is asked to refrain from throwing out the potato, metal object or the bag it was in when purchased and they're asked to please contact their local police so the items can be passed along to investigators," she said.

P.E.I. RCMP began investigating on May 18 after a person found a metal object in a potato bought at the Montague Atlantic Superstore. Police didn't identify the food's brand. 

On May 19, a man found a nail in his potato in Antigonish, N.S., and took it to police. Police say the Farmer's Market potatoes came from the Atlantic Superstore in late April or early May.

On May 20, RCMP learned of another nail in a potato bought at a No Frills grocery store in Barrington Passage. It was also a Farmer's Market potato.

Last fall, metal sewing needles were found in potatoes across Atlantic Canada.