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Meet maritime lobstermen online

A new marketing campaign is introducing consumers to the fishermen who landed the lobster on their plate.
Maritime lobster fishermen hope to increase sales by connecting with consumers on-line. (CBC)

A new marketing campaign is introducing consumers to the fishermen who landed the lobster on their plate.

The Maritime Fishermen's Union has launched a pilot project where some lobsters are being tagged with computer codes.

Consumers can go online, type in the code and see pictures of the person who caught their lobster and the area where it was landed.

Hubert Saulnier is one of the first lobster fishermen in the region to use the tags, attached to the rubber bands around the claws of his catch.

"After the code is downloaded you see a picture of myself, my boat, where I fish, the area I fish," said Saulnier, who fishes in Meteghan, in southwest Nova Scotia.

He said he's has already received e-mails from consumers around the world, including lobster-lovers from Norway, France, Belgium and Japan.

"One mentioned they loved leaving the restaurant with that tag in their hand and they couldn't wait to go home and check to see who caught the lobster," Saulnier said

He hopes that making a personal connection with consumers will help to increase international sales at a time when prices are low.

"We're in kind of a crisis in the fishery, we're landing a lot of product, prices have dropped, and we're trying to open new markets and trying to convince consumers that we have a good product," he said.