New Brunswick

McAdam community conserving water during well issues

The village of McAdam is seeing positive results after asking people to conserve water in the midst of serious water issues this summer.

The village of McAdam is starting to see positive results after asking people to conserve water in the midst of serious water issues this summer.

"Good news that water consumption is somewhat down to what it has been," Mayor Frank Carroll told CBC News on Tuesday.

"This morning we calculated about 10.5 per cent less usage of water. Slight improvement from six per cent, six days ago."

The wells and aquifiers that supply water to the community have been a huge problem after high levels of manganese were found in one of the village's four wells, which was shut down.

Manganese is a mineral that did not exist there previously and has been linked to low IQ in children.

Some people in the community wonder if recent small earthquakes in the area had some bearing on the issue with aquifers.

Now, one of the three remaining pumps has significantly low levels of water.

The village is monitoring the situation, but if that pump runs dry, it means an even bigger problem.

The McAdam village council met Tuesday morning to look at water results from over the weekend.

Another meeting Wednesday will include a brief on how to fix the well that has already been shut down.

'Scary issues ahead'

"There are some scary issues ahead of us," said Carroll. "We can fix that, we think. We can address that if we do it together and we need to do that together as much as we can in the village," he said.

The village council will be briefed Wednesday by a Nova Scotia engineering firm on the latest findings. But in the meantime, the council continues to urge community members to do their part in conserving water.

"We aren't covered yet, ways to go down the road," said Carroll. "We are moving as quickly as we can and we need everyone to help reduce the consumption of water in this village, there is no question about that."

McAdam resident Rose Sloan says she's made many changes to her daily routine.

"I got a water barrel for my flowers. Instead of using my dishwasher every day, I will use it once a week," Sloan said.

Sloan says while she hopes the issue is resolved soon, conserving water isn't the worst thing.

"This is kind of really teaching us how much water that we do use really. It's not a big problem, it’s just a change in routine," she said.

The village council will host a town meeting Wednesday evening to brief the community on the findings and steps at how they can reduce their water use.

The council hopes the engineer's results will allow them to move forward on a strategy to fix the already closed well.